So Gypsies are exactly like Jews, minus the accomplishments. The historical track record bears witness that they are the Jews who Lose.

The excuse-makers and professionally certified enablers insist that these flamenco-dancing, crystal-ball-reading, Tarot-card-shuffling, free-spirited proto-hippies are kept down solely by negative stereotypes and ignorant myths peddled by racist host populations who persecute and marginalize them for no good reason, who boil with resentment against these peaceful interlopers who don”€™t really terrorize Parisian tourists, who don”€™t really commit homosexual rape and attempted murder as part of some sick Holocaust-revenge fantasy, and who don”€™t really run organized child-slavery rackets.

And Gypsies definitely don”€™t refuse to assimilate while we”€™re being forced at gunpoint to hug them. It’s not as if they”€™ve been refusing to assimilate in Europe for seven centuries and running, and even if they have, how could such things lead to resentment and conflict, anyway?

Isn”€™t it possible, even to the most starry-eyed egalitarian dipshit, that there’s at least one ethnic group on this planet that genuinely sucks? Why can”€™t that group be Gypsies? I doubt there are any Gypsies reading this, so can”€™t we all at least agree to loathe Gypsies? We can disagree about everything else, but please let’s all loathe Gypsies together.

Obviously, not everyone will be down with my program. Last week saw violent riots from multicultural fanatics in Paris after a 15-year-old female Gypsy was seized from her classroom and deported to Kosovo. To a certain segment of the egalitarian left, Europe can apparently never have too many Gypsies.

They needn”€™t fret. Next year, border restrictions are being lifted from Romania and Bulgaria, and all of Western Europe may soon be infiltrated by more Gypsies”€”even little blonde ones”€”than they”€™ll know how to handle.


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