They live in a fantasy world where everyone is equal. That’s fine if they left it there. But to perpetuate this desperate fantasy, they actively attempt to destroy lives in the real world.

Why the flaming flying flipping flapping fuck do video games have to further a feminist agenda? Are men demanding proportional representation in wearing makeup? Or in getting free drinks at bars? Or in nudging to the front of the line when ships are sinking? Women have their WOMEN ONLY spaces, and men don’t even care”€”if anything, they’re happy to get rid of the ladies for at least a little while. Yet the activist harpies and their gelded white knights can’t seem to help crashing every last male bastion.

Speaking of self-castrated pro-SJW white knights (and they all tend to be white), gaze if you dare upon this face and this face and this face. Those agonized, testosterone-free mugs tell you more than words could ever do justice. It is a gallery of visages that resemble toadstools. I expect feminists to hate men, just as I expect blacks, however ineptly, to agitate for their group interests. It’s the white males who’d sell out all other white males who deserve whatever punishment I can legally say they deserve. It’s one thing to be a male weirdo; it’s quite another to celebrate the “weirdo” part while constantly apologizing for the “male” part.

These SJWs”€”the dominant women and their meek, dutiful manservants”€”are trying to bust up “dude culture” even if practiced alone and in mom’s basement. And I think this is why the backlash is so severe. Trying to take their joysticks away is a deeply symbolic form of castration.

Lonely girls have endless support groups. Lonely boys are mocked for even trying to have support groups. If they yield their joysticks, what will be left? The Men’s Rights Activists and Pick Up Artists that are already being framed as “hate groups”?

So I say let them have their basements and their pizza crusts and their digital fantasy worlds where they rescue scantily clad damsels. Allowing them anything less would be inhumane.

The SJWs are playing a game to win, yet they insist that their opponents put down the joystick. No. Hold onto that joystick for dear life. Kill whomever you want with it”€”in a digital sense, of course. They will get your joystick only when they pry it from your cold, dead fingers.

I hold out hope”€”a vain hope, perhaps”€”that if they stick to their guns, they will win this game.


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