Unfortunately for An Open Secret‘s claims to veracity, after Egan sued his alleged abusers, he was forced to back off “€œafter prior inconsistent statements emerged (he also was scolded by a judge for lying in court).”€

However, the film also addresses similar accusations made by Corey Feldman and other real and would-be child actors. Are they all delusional, or perhaps still hungry for the fame and cash that got away?

Surely we all intuit that Hollywood”€”that seductively strange Day of the Locust-land”€”is “€œbuilt-on-an-Indian-burial-ground”€ level accursed. Something sinister has been, and is, going on down there: Satan worship. The Black Dahlia. Hookers “€œcut to look like movie stars …”€

That nagging sensation metastasized into the mass hysteria that fueled Hollywood’s first scandal: the death of would-be starlet Virginia Rappe in 1921. And that very same vague, intuitive yet overwhelming conviction convicted once-beloved comedian Fatty Arbuckle of rape and murder in the court of public opinion, even though he was tried an astonishing three times”€”and acquitted.

I don”€™t dare speculate which character Bryan Singer really plays in this latest drama. Fatty Arbuckle? Or Sesame Street‘s Kevin Clash?

Or is it Roman Polanski?

I can”€™t help noting, however, that Amy Berg seems awfully fixated on the subject of youth in peril. Her previous, much-lauded documentary Deliver Us from Evil was about”€”you”€™ll never guess”€”perverted Catholic priests. We didn”€™t need another movie about the West Memphis Three, but damned if she didn”€™t make one anyhow. A doc about polygamous heretical Mormons and their underage brides is in the works. And Berg’s first fictional effort, Every Secret Thing, is about two girls who murder a baby.

And none of that is exploitative or obsessive or twisted in the slightest, of course.

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