October 11, 2013

Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman

Not keen to play second fiddle to her husband, his wife Robin Wells regularly edits and adds to the trash-talking in Krugman’s column. That means upping the portrayals of Republicans as the most evil and slimy creatures ever to walk the Earth. Shamelessly, Krug’s overtly biased better half makes good use of her Ph.D. by tossing in lines of how the GOP spews lies to get its way. The party of Lincoln most certainly does, but the Democrats are just as guilty of the practice.

Wells’s penchant for vitriolic liberalism should have been obvious given her failure to take Krugman’s name as her own. Shrill feminism is the likely culprit. The only thing more progressive and postmodern would have been for each to share surnames divided by a hyphen.

Krugman talks a good game on intellectual truth, but he admits he is incapable of carrying on a simple conversation in an elevator. It’s a wonder Kruggy isn’t agoraphobic. He is a mouse-pad critic only. Even in public forums he can’t bring himself to face critics in the eyes.

All the professional faux pas could be forgiven if Krugman had a smidge of credibility. He famously advocated for former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan “to create a housing bubble” in the early 2000s. The Maestro did just that, setting the course for a financial roller coaster that imploded in the autumn of 2008. When the whirlwind of pointed fingers followed, a few found their way to the scruffy guy on the Times’ opinion page. Krugman fought back by calling his plain advocacy a piece of “analysis.” Then he pivoted to it being a joke. Now he ignores the transgression and is back to pining for a fed-generated boom in home values. It’s enough dishonesty to make a man wish for the Rapture.

He mastered the art of faking intellectualism while polling as the most influential economist around. He should be loathed by anyone who gives a crap about truth and honesty. Yet he teaches at one of the most prestigious universities in America while spouting off ignorant drivel on national television. He lives a life of wealth and luxury while hating those just like him. His writing is one gigantic effort to incite jealousy in the lower class.
At the end of the day, Krugman is overweight, short, insufferable, slightly unkempt, not at all witty, and makes a piss-poor effort at being a true elitist. He takes great joy in his two overweight cats. In many ways, Paul is a plain loser.

And he is the perfect spokesman for a nation addicted to gorging on its own through the massive government apparatus of redistribution.


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