May 25, 2017

Does anyone truly think Dylann Roof counts as a white supremacist? Okay, who are his peers? What rallies did he go to? What articles did he write about the black scourge or the “€œJQ”€? If liberals really believe he is an example of an imminent Nazi movement, how come he never comes up in conversation? You rarely hear anyone say, “€œThis looks like yet another Dylann Roof scenario.”€ The woman in the AJ+ video resents this skepticism and when we refuse to let her treat that massacre as Nazi genocide she says we are treating those black lives as less valuable than the victims of 9/11. It’s sociopathic self-denial.

Even if you take their numbers at face value, we have a serious Islamic terrorism problem in America. Muslims represent barely 2% of the population. According to their parameters, “€œNazis”€ are about half the population. Assuming terrorists are almost always male, why are 80 million people coming up with the same kind of crime stats as less than 3 million? Probably because they have a predilection for terror (we knew this already because one in four American Muslims age 18″€“25 thinks “€œsuicide bombing is sometimes or often justified”€). Whoops, your propaganda just disproved your propaganda!

These studies are funded by corrupt Muslim billionaires and they use garbage data to trick idiots into spreading lies. If you want to find racism in America, check in on the Mexicans. There is a real race war in this country and it’s going on in southern Los Angeles. Molotov cocktails in black kids”€™ bedroom windows and random black girls being shot in the head for nothing is real racism, but it doesn”€™t fit the narrative so they ignore it.

Of course, when you leave America and look at France, Britain, Germany, and the rest of Europe, the numbers are way more alarming. The propagandists avoid discussing numbers with these countries because even twisting the figures turns out badly for them. Europe is the canary in the coal mine, and that canary died on Monday. Muslim hucksters such as Reza Aslan tell us we”€™re more likely to die from faulty furniture than from terrorism in America (they start after 9/11 to get this stat). In 2011, we were only a tiny percentage of the 13,288 people who were killed in terrorist attacks. This is true and we”€™d like to keep it that way. We don”€™t want our children being blown up at pop concerts. We want to protect our weakest, which is why we need to combat the hype being peddled by our most weak-minded.

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