November 23, 2015

HIV positive blood cell

HIV positive blood cell

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Or, if you have the stomach for it, you can watch the hour-long 2003 documentary The Gift, which follows a naïve young gaybird both before and after his infection. Spoiler alert: He regrets it. A LOT. It’s ultra-grim.

With all the saccharine pro-gay propaganda one sees in academia and popular culture these days, this is one hue of the rainbow you don’t see a lot. Pretty much everything you see about gay people these days is wholesome and clean and normalized. It’s the ones who say anything bad about gays who are seen as the twisted perverts.

Around one in five adult gay men in America is HIV-positive. Pooling various sources and removing intravenous drug users from the equation, I crunched the numbers and found that only about one in 780 heterosexual men is HIV-positive.

Gay American men are around five times more likely to have attempted suicide than straight men. A similar ratio applies to gay and lesbian teens compared to their straight schoolmates.

There’s also the longevity gap. Study after study confirms that homosexuals die anywhere from eight to twenty years sooner than heterosexuals.

And let’s not even mention that adult homosexuals report having been molested as children at rates far exceeding heterosexuals, because everyone knows that homosexuality is genetic and to imply anything else would be homophobic.

The Narrative dictates that homosexuality is healthy and happy and natural and antiseptic and is not in any way intricately woven with shame and self-loathing and death. And hey, even if they do die much younger, it’s society’s fault and has nothing to do with their own decisions. If they feel such tremendous shame that they do things that shorten their lives by a decade or more, this shame was imposed on them and can’t possibly be in any way related to negative feelings they may naturally harbor toward themselves.

But we really shouldn’t be talking about any of this, because we live in an era where to state facts is to stigmatize. And I’m not sure stigmatization is necessary when you’re dealing with a small group of severely disturbed humans on a sick mission to inflict themselves with a fatal stigmata.


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