July 13, 2016

OJ and Nicole Simpson

OJ and Nicole Simpson

Much of the high rate of police killings of nonblacks instead seems to be due to suicide by cop (sad individuals intentionally provoking the police into killing them) being more of a white thing, just as suicide is in general.

Although we are constantly lectured on how horribly oppressed life is for African-Americans, their suicide rates are low. In contrast, a minority that almost everybody has forgotten about, American Indians, have bad suicide rates, and Canadian Indians might have it worse.

There appears to be a general correlation between introversion and higher suicide rates. As Charles Darwin observed, New World Indians tend to be “€œtaciturn, even morose,”€ while blacks tend to be “€œlight-hearted, talkative.”€

Why are there all these puzzling statistics that don”€™t agree with the stereotypes promoted by our national leaders? Why don”€™t the social-science results conform to the conventional wisdom?

Perhaps blacks get in trouble with the law more than do whites (much less East Asians) for reasons similar to why they do so well in sports and entertainment?

For instance, blacks tend more to live in the moment. Spontaneity and improvisation are great assets for jazz soloists and running backs, but they can be detriments in obeying the law. (Or, in the case of Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell, who recently tweeted an indiscreet illustration of a white cop getting his throat slashed, merely managing one’s social-media presence.)

Similarly, blacks do best in sports roles that put a premium on disruption and destruction. In football, for example, players on defense are actually more on the offensive, extemporizing search-and-destroy missions against the nominal offense, which attempts to defend its preconceived plans.

Whites in the NFL are concentrated at the positions that specialize in executing preplanned routines, such as placekicker, punter, quarterback, and offensive lineman, especially center.

Not surprisingly, while professional football overall is 68 percent black, defensive platoons are even blacker than that. The position of cornerback, the pass defenders who must react with instant violence to the planned routes run by receivers, is extraordinarily racially segregated. No white man has played regularly at any of the 64 cornerback positions in the NFL since Jason Sehorn retired more than a dozen years ago.

As you might expect, NFL players tend to get arrested now and then. The San Diego Union-Tribune keeps an eye-opening database of NFL arrests.

And who knows how many football heroes skate out of trouble with the police? For example, Nicole Brown Simpson frequently called 911 to report domestic violence, but when the LAPD arrived they tended to want instead to have their picture taken with O.J. The main exception was Det. Mark Fuhrman, who treated Mrs. Simpson’s worries more seriously. But we know he was bad.

All this might suggest that authority figures such as the president and the Democratic front-runner should be cautious before demagogically promoting conspiracy theories about white racism murdering black bodies.

You know, that might just help inspire some black ragehead to, say, shoot a lot of white cops in Dallas.


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