February 26, 2018

Is he serious? I can’t stop talking about it. I could talk about it for 24 hours straight enabled only by Gatorade and a will to prevail. But unlike Mr. Madison, I believe I understand the difference between a discussion and a lecture:

Because you are embedded in the power structure by birth and the color of your skin, only the oppressed get to make that determination. It doesn’t help your case if you say, “I am not a racist” just that statement alone lends credence to the fact that you probably are, you just have been too insensitive to know otherwise.

Sounds like a lecture to me, Satchmo. Can we all get along? No, not when you’re acting like a dick.

Donyae Coles—who appears to be quite fat—insists that even the “‘GOOD’ WHITE PEOPLE SILENCE PEOPLE OF COLOR EVERY DAY”—that’s right, even the good ones. Day after day across this nation that reeks to high heaven with extraordinarily stinky racism, even the good white people are walking straight up to random black people and telling them they better shut their fat black mouths if they know what’s good for them.

Donyae—no comment on the name there—says that her genocide is bigger than white genocide, and therefore white people need to acknowledge their deep guilt and shame in their completely unconscious role in propping up systemic networks of racism and oppression and I’m really making all of this up because I only took a glance at her article and could tell where all of it was going.

I pass no judgment on Franklin Madison or Donyae Coles for two simple reasons:

1. They’re black;
2. They aren’t white.

I expect them to say negative things about white people. It’s like, you know, they’re members of another football team. A modicum of shit-talking is expected.

As for the two white guys, I rain down thunderous and unforgiving judgment upon their soft heads. For all they want to prattle on about what’s wrong with white guys these days, all they need to do is look in the mirror.

The problem with white guys these days is that they think there’s something wrong with being white guys. Once they solve that problem, the rest will be a breeze.


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