January 25, 2016

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“The Latino Media Gap” condemns Hollywood as “overwhelmingly white, middle-aged, and male. It quotes an unnamed “diversity executive”:

Writers tend to write what they know. And what they know is Beverly Hills to car to studio and back, always surrounded by people like themselves.

I decided to check on what kind of people live in Beverly Hills, and it turns out that the city is 61 percent Jewish. And by a miraculous stroke of mathematical improbability, “all eight major film studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish,” or at least that was the case in 2008. Top media executives are so disproportionately Jewish, one wonders why everyone is complaining about white people in Hollywood but no one makes a peep about Jews.

We appear to live in a world where everything is “too white” but nothing can ever possibly be “too Jewish.” That seems like a dangerously fragile double standard. Interesting times.

But to answer my original question, I think that American Hispanics aren’t complaining about the Anglo media because Hispanics have their own media. This is in addition to their own language, their own culture, and their own neighborhoods. They have a couple of their own major cable channels, hundreds of their own newspapers, and over a thousand of their own radio stations. With their numbers topping fifty million, they are the largest deliberately self-segregating ethnic bloc in America, slowly forming their own nation while the rest of the nation largely ignores them.

They seem to have good reasons for being a silent minority. Whether they’re silently plotting against me I’ll never know, at least not until I take some Spanish lessons.

I won’t even bother to check whether Mexicans are adequately represented in the Mexican film industry or whether there are sufficient numbers of Puerto Rican anchormen in San Juan. Worrying about “diversity” only seems to happen in majority-white countries.

But Hispanics seem fine just keeping to themselves. That’s why they don’t need no stinking Oscars.


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