February 11, 2013

Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner

But like a thousand other real-life mass-murdering loser loners, Dorner fancies himself a man on a moral mission: “I am here to correct and calibrate your morale [sic] compasses to true north.”

Dorner posits that police brutality must be avenged by, well, randomly killing policemen and their families. He claims his 2008 dismissal from the LAPD resulted when he accused a female partner”€”he made a point to note that she’s Caucasian”€”of kicking a schizophrenic criminal suspect in the chest and face during an arrest. The court document pertaining to the case seems to cast some doubt on Dorner’s allegations, but it’s not as if I have any skin in that game. I realize that cops can be assholes. After all, I”€™m from Philly.

What matters here isn”€™t whether or not Chris Dorner lied about seeing a white female cop kick a schizophrenic loiterer in the chest. It’s that he uses this allegation as an ethical pretext to go on a killing rampage. Throughout history, I can”€™t think of a horrible act where the perpetrator didn”€™t seem to think they were doing the right thing”€”the good thing. This is true for individuals and villages and nations. Sad.

The eternally moralistic leftist press has been largely silent about Dorner’s self-proclaimed political leanings and how he uses them to morally justify his actions. This is the same press that stubbornly and unethically INJECTED politics into the Gabrielle Giffords shooting (blaming it on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party although there was zero connection) and the Trayvon Martin killing (insisting it was entirely about race when there’s no evidence it had anything to do with race).

Dorner describes himself as an ardent supporter of the federal government and that his main beef is with the LAPD. He says he admires Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, Ellen Degeneres, and apparently everyone who works for MSNBC and CNN. He seemed to name-check nearly every living human who is constantly chiding their ideological opponents for creating a “€œclimate of hate”€ with their rhetoric. (To be fair, he also gives a few shout-outs to some token RINOs and said he didn”€™t vote the last election because Jon Huntsman wasn”€™t nominated. He also claims to love Charlie Sheen and Rob Zombie. He’s all over the place.)

Without apparently seeing a contradiction, he says he favors a ban on assault weapons even though says he will not hesitate to use the several he owns to murder LAPD members and their families. He says he feels the proper response to being called an unpleasant name is to hit someone. If I”€™m understanding this correctly, he’s an ex-cop who shoots cops dead to prove that it’s bad when cops kick people and say “€œnigger.”€

Why, it’s almost as if he uses someone else’s misdeeds, real or imagined, as a psychological shield to justify the fact that he’s committing some rather unpleasant deeds himself. His moral universe would be a strange one if it weren”€™t so depressingly common.

It’s the same sort of self-righteous delusion that lurks behind such daffily infantile notions such as “€œkarma,”€ “€œblowback,”€ “€œchickens coming home to roost,”€ and, yes, even “€œjustice,”€ which should more honestly be called “€œrevenge.”€ Two wrongs never make a right, at least if you”€™re one of the pitiable souls forever shackled to the eternal rules of logic.

Among certain circles”€”i.e., naïve white progressives and retarded black thugs”€”Dorner is being depicted as a hero, a Dark Knight, an avenging black angel, and a savior to the downtrodden and oppressed everywhere. Twitter hashtags such as #GoDornerGo and #WeAreAllChrisDorner have quickly emerged, as well as support/fan sites on Facebook.

Beneath all the talk of institutional racism and police brutality lurks the distinct possibility that Christopher Dorner may merely be a narcissistic jerk with a psychotically overwrought taste for vengeance. His manifesto is littered with references to his nuttily obsessive, all-consuming need to reclaim his “€œname,”€ as if any of that will matter once the SWAT team blasts his skull to pieces.

But I hope that’s not how it ends. I hope he hasn”€™t already frozen to death somewhere in the San Bernardino Mountains, either.

No, the most poetic thing possible would be for a well-armed civilian to take Dorner out cold.



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