May 09, 2015

William S. Paley

William S. Paley

Source: Harris & Ewing

Here’s another example of liberal intolerance: During the making of The Ridiculous Six, a spoof of The Magnificent Seven, a number of Native Americans – dare I call them Red Indians? – walked  off the set claiming the film’s content was offensive. A dozen actors walked out because one had a role called No Bra, while another was asked to urinate while smoking a peace pipe. Jesus H. Christ, if Catholics or Christians in general walked off sets offended by anti-Christian jibes in movies, there would be only football on the screen, or reality shows. The liberals booed when Piss Christ was panned by the Catholic League twenty years ago, but a Native American is offended when asked to piss while smoking a pipe on the set of a spoof movie.

And there’s more good news: Whites are no longer having children in the Bagel, but Asians are, as are foreign-born moms. 6 in 10 among Hispanic and black mothers are on welfare, and 40 percent of them are unwed. The only white ones making whoopee are Orthodox Jews, who lead all races and creeds with 28 percent per 1000 residents. Makes one want to invest long term in New York City. Mind you, the city’s problems are nothing compared to those of Britain. Just imagine a presidential candidate going to the house of an ass-wipe like Russell Brand and, well, ass wiping him à la Ed Miliband. If I were a Brit I’d move to Kosovo if and when the ghastly Ed becomes prime minister. Hanging out with a bunch of coke dealer Kosovars must be a far more enriching experience than watching the gruesome Ed visiting the Queen. Poor Queen. Poor Britain.


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