July 11, 2016

Micah Xavier Johnson

Micah Xavier Johnson

Source: YouTube

Also conveniently clipped out of many media accounts is the fact that Castile was carrying a gun and reportedly told the officer as much. His alleged girlfriend Diamond Reynolds began livestreaming the festivities on Facebook shortly after Castile was shot and the life was bleeding out of him. She claims that immediately after Castile told Yanez that he had a gun and that Reynolds added that he had a permit for it, Yanez shot him to death.

But according to Yanez’s lawyer, “€œThe shooting had nothing to do with race and everything to do with the presence of that gun,”€ adding Yanez is Latino and, therefore, I guess, not capable of racial hatred.

But despite all these mitigating details, the firm media narrative remained that the back-to-back shootings were yet another sign that white devil cops enjoy gargling the blood of African innocents. So on Thursday evening while Black Lives Matter nimrods were having a “peaceful protest” in Dallas mere blocks from where JFK was killed by a sniper, a 25-year-old black sniper named Micah Xavier Johnson murdered five white cops. He then had an hours-long standoff with police before they blew him up with a robot-delivered bomb.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown”€”a black man”€”says that during the standoff,

The suspect said he was upset at white people. The suspect said he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.

For all anyone knows, the Hispanic cop in Minnesota and the two white cops in Louisiana shot their victims because they were afraid that their armed victims would shoot them first. But here’s a case where the shooter comes right out and states his motive”€”he wanted to kill white people. But what is the media narrative? White racism caused all this. Of course it did. White racism also caused subsequent copycat shootings of cops in Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, and Georgia. How else would you explain the specter of black people saying they want to kill white people”€”and then doing it”€”other than blaming the white people who made the black people want to do it?

Hello, Black America. My name is Jim. I’m going to delicately suggest that if you don’t want to be constantly encountering police, it would behoove you to cease committing crime at such astronomical levels.

And if black lives matter to you as much as you claim they do, maybe focus on the 5,000 or so black-on-black murders last year at least as much as you obsess over the three dozen or so black men killed by white cops last year. And, what the hell, just a suggestion here”€”quit burning your cities to the ground every time a black man dies at the hands of police. What was the end result of you torching Baltimore last year over the death of Freddie Gray? Your city saw 344 murders in 2015 compared to 217 the year before. It’s probably safe to assume that 100 of those additional murder victims were black. So to show your solidarity and bravery and support of black lives, you torch your city over one dead black guy, scare the police away, and then murder an extra hundred black guys.

Doesn’t that seem dumb to you?

You’ve razed black neighborhoods to the ground all over America by making holy martyrs out of incurable fuckups from Rodney King onward. Once the facts pour in, every Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and Eric Garner”€”and now Alton Sterling and Philando Castile”€”winds up to be far sleazier and much less innocent than originally depicted.

All I’m saying, Black America, is that you need better heroes than these. I know you can do it. Don’t let me down.


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