July 19, 2016

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Even the target if both attacks, Pamela Geller, has forgiven Trump for that one. So has Mercer, who told me via email, “€œTrump has been learning on the fly…. He made up for Garland, for me, with the Muslim ban.”€

I hear that a lot. My response? The only correct, instinctive response to the whole “€œMuhammad cartoons”€ “€œcontroversy”€ is: Hand me a pencil.

That isn”€™t something a grown man should have to “€œlearn.”€ Along with his threats to beef up American libel laws rather than leading the tort reform revolution the country so obviously needs”€”no, I will never trust Trump on these all-important matters.

Then there’s Kelo, which is right up there with the Civil Rights Act and the Whiskey Rebellion in terms of making me go, “€œAmerica? WTF?!”€

Again via email, Mercer responds that “€œ[l]egally, Trump’s only reasonable defense for using Eminent Domain is that the Constitution paved the way. It’s wrong. And the Constitution is wrong to do it. But then so are Republicans wrong for not challenging the Constitution, whence the power comes.”€

But what are the chances that eminent domain use will decrease during a Trump administration? Are we to imagine him “€œevolving”€ on this issue, too, and, I dunno, giving back all the properties he’s seized?

Mercer’s book came out shortly before Trump picked Mike Pence for VP. She told me that firing campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was Trump’s first mistake, and choosing Pence a close second. (Last year, she slammed Pence’s refusal to condemn the “€œgay wedding cake Gestapo”€ in a memorably titled column…)

“€œI have a feeling that The Trump Revolution may have documented and deconstructed the heyday of The Donald,”€ Mercer told me. That said, Trump “€œhas no political criminal record. He has never acted as a legislator. That gives him a good moral lead on the rest. Let’s see if he keeps it.”€

The Trump Revolution isn”€™t slobbering, sleazy “€œslash”€ fiction, with “€œTrump”€ and “€œAmerica”€ in place of “€œKirk”€ and “€œSpock.”€ Mercer is candidly critical of Trump throughout, but views him, as I do, as a long-overdue catalyst for change.

Though I still say Carolla was robbed.


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