January 05, 2017

Milos Yiannopoulos

Milos Yiannopoulos

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Fellow black woman Joy Reid of MSNBC was so horrified by Milo’s potential autobiography she decreed, “€œWe have entered a truly hideous age.”€ These same outraged posers will likely be totally silent about what appears to be a special-needs kid forced to drink toilet water, bound, cut, and tortured because he supported Trump.  Reid linked radical socialist activist Mike Prysner, who summarized Milo’s deal as “€œHow @simonschuster millionaire execs decided to promote & profit from the resurgence of neo-Nazis & white nationalism.”€ Screaming ex-governor Howard Dean said publishing Milo’s life story is “€œan embarrassment for S and S.”€ He then linked to a post by fake news site Think Progress, a company funded by alternative-energy investors who want more money spent on alternative energy. Their headline was “€œWe live in a world where white supremacists get lucrative book deals,”€ to which I would reply, “€œWe live in a world where men who literally suck black cock are called “€˜white supremacists.”€™”€ It’s bizarre that a presidential candidate would be citing a radical group like Think Progress, but radical is mainstream to the DNC. The Chicago Review of Books also cited Think Progress when they stated, “€œIn response to this disgusting validation of hate we will not cover a single @simonschuster book in 2017.”€ This caused a backlash that led to “€œlostsleep [sic]”€ but the Review woke back up after hearing Milo say, “€œThere is only one place for lesbians: porn.”€ As with Trump, the media lose their sense of humor the second he opens his mouth (though they get it back when Wanda Sykes wishes kidney failure on Rush Limbaugh). The book editor of the L.A. Times had a similarly fascist attitude and told the world, “€œIf you approved a $250K book deal for the troll promoting racist sexist views so extreme he got thrown off this platform”€”we need to talk.”€ I”€™m reminded of when Bill McGowan’s Coloring the News came out and after The New York Times Book Review heard their paper was eviscerated within the pages said, “€œIs this newspaper…the best place to discuss a book that is so critical of this newspaper?”€ That was back in 2002. This cancerous attitude has metastasized and the philosophy is now “€œIs this entire media…the place to allow a book that is so critical of our dogma?”€

So, according to the left, a man’s autobiography should not be published if he once blasphemed Leslie Jones. They proudly cite socialists and fake news sites, while we”€™re “€œwhite supremacists”€ if we”€™re not ethnomasochists. They”€™re for free speech unless that speech makes them uncomfortable, in which case it’s “€œcruelty”€ and such things should not be allowed a “€œplatform.”€ Despite all the virtue signaling and human rights posturing, the book recently hit No. 1 on Amazon. Milo sent a screen grab of the listing to Toby Mundy and then told Business Insider, “€œAs is now painfully obvious from my Twitter ban, boycotts tend to make the shunned more popular.”€ Dangerous hits shelves in March.


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