August 05, 2013

Hugo Schwyzer, the navel-gazing poster boy for “male feminism” who once penned an essay called “Why the ‘End’ of White Men Is Actually Good for White Men,” tried ending the life of a white male named Hugo Schwyzer last week after the extraordinarily sordid details of a sexting scandal were revealed. This was at least his second suicide attempt, as fifteen years ago he struck out twice while attempting to snuff both himself and an ex-girlfriend. “Mental illness is a bitch, it really is,” Schwyzer told a reporter. Or maybe Hugo Schwyzer is a bitch. It would perhaps be in bad taste to wish him good luck in any future suicide attempts.

Following in Schwyzer’s tradition of verbal self-castration, proud beta-male blogger David Roberts claimed he was “happy” for “being made an example of” by the “political correctness police” after he called a woman a “social-climbing mercenary hobag” on Twitter.

While Family Guy creator and Academy Awards host Seth MacFarlane is debuting a sitcom where all the racial jokes are told at the expense of white men, Seattle’s Office for Civil Rights issued a memo last week discouraging the use of the term “brown bag,” which is allegedly offensive to blacks, as well as the term “citizen,” which is supposedly insulting toward illegal aliens.

In response to the public outcry over a “racist” video called Asian Girlz, pop group Day Above Ground issued a public apology claiming that they “do not promote or support racism” and that they “love everyone no matter what race.”

Yet amid the blinding flurry of last week’s finger-pointing and apologies, there were a couple of holdouts.

One involved a freshman at Georgia State University who’s launching a “White Student Union” club. Although the student, Patrick Sharp, made clear that his group does not harbor “hate for any other group,” he noted that whites “are becoming a minority” and “have every right” to organize in defense of their interests.

The other stalwart was former California gubernatorial candidate Ron Unz, publisher of The American Conservative, who says he’s being “purged” by editor Daniel McCarthy as a result of penning an extended piece about the correlations between race and crime that the ironically surnamed McCarthy refused to publish.

Compounding the irony, Unz’s public “struggle session” and editorial banishment was reported in detail by National Review, which purged John Derbyshire last year for daring to write about the correlations between race and crime.

This escalating collective appetite for public shaming can be summarized in one word. That word is “shameful.”



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