January 21, 2018

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Portland, OR is America’s Whitest Anti-White City. To atone for their endless shame at their town’s bottomless whiteness, they will eagerly befriend and lionize the seven or eight nonwhite people who live there, making them into cute little mascots for racial justice and proxy voodoo dolls through whom they work out their own warped and misguided historical guilt complexes.

Portland’s Resistance is some stupid-ass group that apparently exists only so that underemployed and over-medicated residents of the Rose City can vent their existential angst and feelings of worthlessness by screaming in the streets and destroying property. Its cofounders are both black men in their early twenties.

Last year cofounder Micah Rhodes was arrested and charged with statutory rape for repeatedly having sex with an underage male he met on the gay dating app Grindr.

And now comes news that his cofounder, Gregory McKelvey, was arrested six years ago and charged with “fourth-degree assault, first-degree domestic kidnapping, strangulation and harassment” for an incident involving an underage ex-girlfriend.

Although the case was ultimately dismissed, McKelvey has recently made statements which damage his credibility. In November on Facebook when the charges were mentioned, McKelvey denied that he’d ever been arrested or booked: “This isn’t even a real article lol this is a web archive of fake manufactured news.” Then, when it was made evident that he’d actually been arrested, booked, and had posted $132,500 in bail, he quietly removed the denial from his Facebook page.

Either way, the leaders of Portland’s Resistance are two black males who’ve been accused of improprieties with underage youths of both genders.

Keep resisting, Portland. One day you will get the justice you deserve, only it won’t be anything like the justice you’ve imagined.

This year’s Women’s March, which occurred over the weekend and involved untold scaly hordes of women dressed as vaginas running around screaming about their vaginas and how Donald Trump will never get to touch them even though he never asked nor tried, has been described as “powerful,” “uplifting,” “courageous,” “whiny,” inspirational,” “empowering,” “unintentionally hilarious,” “racially innumerate regarding modern rape stats,” “heartwarming,” and “dumb.”

Because it’s always a laff riot when the left eats their own, we were tickled pussy-hat pink to learn that several black feminists had vowed to sit out this year’s march because they don’t like white feminists.

Imagine the deep disappointment inside the barnacle-coated heart of your typical white feminist upon learning that despite all her self-abnegation, all her cringeworthy “Yasss, Queen!” stylistic deference to black women, all her fumbling yet entirely earnest attempts to bridge the racial divide and become One People United Against White Guys, she is instead smacked in the gob with articles such as “7 Awful Ways Liberal White Women Fetishize Women Of Color,” “Why This Black Girl Will Not Be Returning To The Women’s March,” and “What Is White Feminism? Here Are 7 Sneaky Ways It Shows Up Into Your Life.”

Imagine the pain of being Margaret Atwood, who’s currently being scolded by some sassy black broad that her roaringly misandrist Handmaid’s Tale is guilty of “stealing and reappropriating the historical injustices done to black women in America by way of slavery.”

Imagine devoting your entire life to convincing black women that you, too, hate white men, only to hear, “Yeah, but you’re a white chick.

The world of the white feminist is a sad and lonely place indeed.

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