January 27, 2014

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman

Last week saw progressive politicians turning the screws against two right-wing filmmakers and one secretive group of Hollywood conservatives.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told a radio host that “extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay…have no place in the State of New York.” Filmmaking prankster James O’Keefe of Project Veritas claims he’s now being harassed by New York State’s Department of Labor, which is demanding over two years’ worth of financial and payroll documents from his organization.

Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, whose anti-Obama film 2016 was one of the highest-grossing documentaries of all time, stands accused by federal authorities of violating campaign-finance laws in his attempts to fund a candidate to oppose Hillary Clinton’s most recent senatorial campaign.

The Friends of Abe, a group of Hollywood luminaries whose views skew conservative, claims that its application for non-profit status has been stalled for over three years by an intrusive and stonewalling IRS.

A new 1,250-page book contains one word”€”“Jew””€”repeated six million times. The New York Times claims the book “is meant as a kind of coffee-table monument of memory, a conversation starter and thought provoker.” ADL head honcho Abe Foxman has enlisted donors to purchase 3,000 copies for distribution and reportedly hopes to see one copy wind up in the Oval Office.

Love letters from Heinrich Himmler to his wife and mistress that were purportedly “discovered” in Israel reveal an “insecure romantic fantasist” who for some reason didn’t make a peep about the ongoing mass extermination of six million Jews. Astonishingly”€”what are the odds?”€”all other major Nazi officials likewise kept shtum about the blueprints for this nefarious and exhaustively documented plan that was subsequently revealed to the world in an endless scroll of films.

Though succor is scant these days for anyone who’s not a self-neutered prostrate acolyte of the so-called “Cathedral,” there were a few rays of light last week that apparently bypassed the censors.

The Economist presented a review of a paper by Roy Chua of the Harvard Business School titled “The Costs of Ambient Cultural Disharmony: Indirect Intercultural Conflicts in Social Environment Undermine Creativity.” The paper challenges the near-scriptural modern mantra that ethnic diversity in the workplace leads to creativity. Chua’s results suggest that “diverse” working environments may instead lead to conflict”€”i.e., “ambient cultural disharmony””€”and thus stifle creativity rather than foster it.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) released a report claiming that over 400 of the 427 US colleges and universities in its study routinely infringe on constitutional free-speech rights.

The New Statesman ran an editorial that stated, “Intolerance is no longer the prerogative of overt racists and other bigots”€”it is state-sanctioned.”

Even The Atlantic paused to question whether collective historical guilt is eternal.

Finally, The Telegraph ran a smear piece on “The Dark Enlightenment,” a purported viral strain of “sophisticated neo-fascism that’s spreading fast on the net.” Written by Jamie Bartlett of the Demos think tank”€”a group founded in 1993 by a former editor of Marxism Today“€”the article accuses the Dark Enlightenment’s prophets and followers of being “clever, angry white men” who dare question a sacred doctrine of innate human equality that, strangely enough, its high priests have never dared to prove.

Another scare piece on the Dark Enlightenment dubbed the movement “creepy” and accused it of engaging in “pseudo-intellectually grounded racism.” Once again, its adherents were singled out for being “white, male and angry.” This piece included a handy map of the Dark Enlightenment’s major players. Almost in dead center of the map is Taki’s Mag, and three of Taki’s writers”€”John Derbyshire, Fred Reed, and Steve Sailer”€”are also listed. Congratulations to everyone. Dark Warriors, unite! You have nothing to lose but your jobs!



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