June 11, 2017

Reality Winner

Reality Winner

Source: Lincoln Country Jail

Although he appears to have an IQ somewhere in the low teens, hip-hop performer Lil Wayne has a net worth estimated at $150 million. Now a white California security guard has filed a lawsuit alleging that about a year ago, Lil Wayne threw a drink in his face and punched him while yelling, “€œFuck you, white boy!”€ The lawsuit tacks on a demand for $25,000 in civil damages for being called a “€œwhite boy.”€

If white males were able to sue everyone who disparages them for being white males, they will once again become the wealthiest demographic in the land.

As anyone who has ever publicly recited passages from the “€œpersonal image“€ section of his Wikipedia profile knows, Vladimir Putin is an extremely macho world leader. He’s so cool, he gives a thumbs-up when topless female political fanatics attack him.

But is he more alpha than Donald Trump?

Thankfully, the website Raw Story”€”which will immediately ban you from their comments section if you deviate from prog-hive mentality even an inch”€”has asked the question we”€™ve all been dying to ask: “€œPutin vs Trump: Who is the biggest sexist?“€

It notes that even though Trump gained scorn (and voters) when he talked about blood coming out of broadcaster Megyn Kelly’s “€œwherever,”€ Putin may have topped him in a recent interview with Kelly where he turned to the audience and cracked, “€œDoes someone have a pill?”€

In a recent interview with Oliver Stone, Putin committed the grand patriarchal sin of preposterously alleging that female hormones have an effect on their behavior:”€¨

I am not a woman, so I don”€™t have bad days…I am not trying to insult anyone. That’s just the nature of things. There are certain natural cycles.

Putin also told Stone that he would prefer not to shower with homosexuals because the sight of Putin’s naked body would “€œprovoke”€ them into a sexual frenzy. He also added that since he’s a “€œjudo master,”€ he would have no problem repelling any and all attempts at homosexual rape.

For the time being, as much as we love Trump, we”€™re going to have to select Putin as the alpha dog. Not only does he have better pecs“€”he’s also worth far more.


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