May 06, 2018

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Source: Wikimedia Commons

As if America’s blacks aren’t already overloaded with pain and stress due to the fact that racist white women on airplanes ask them to stop touching them with their fat arms, now comes news that America’s motel chains use racist shampoos and that Mattel’s black Barbie doll has a racist haircut that demeans black women.

Halsey is a white-skinned and phenotypically Caucasian singer spawned from the sexual union of a black man and a white woman who told Playboy magazine last year that “I look like a white girl, but I don’t feel like one. I’m a black woman.”

We’d like to see her try that line while walking through the South Bronx late at night. The girl doesn’t even look remotely mulatto, much less “black.”

Still, she decided to toss a poo-fit after discovering that the free shampoo—yes, the free shampoo—she discovered during a recent motel stay was “watered down white people shampoo” that discriminates against “50%” of the customers in the “hotel toiletry industry,” as if anywhere near 50% of motels’ customers have ever been black.

Rounding out the week of Black Hair Hysteria is the fact that the freaking hairstyle on a black Barbie doll was considered insensitive and hateful toward black women, despite the fact that black women have rocked this hairstyle before.

Maybe it’s just us, but we enjoyed, and even admired, black people far more when they weren’t so touchy.

Perhaps they’d be happier back in Africa, where women’s hair is considered a delicacy?

Nazi collaborator George Soros seems just as eager to destroy what’s left of Western civilization as he was to strip the jewelry from his tribesmen on their way to the death camps.

Now comes word that the National Immigration Law Center—a Soros front group which seeks to ignore all existing laws about immigration—has developed a smartphone app called Notifica—Spanish for “Notify”—which “helps prepare illegal immigrants in worst-case scenario.”

According to the Laredo Morning Times:

Immigration agents knocking at the door? Now, there’s an app for that, too….The app, called Notifica, allows immigrants here illegally to activate a plan if they come in contact with immigration law enforcement authorities or find themselves at risk of being detained….Users can prepare a set of automatic messages to alert — with one click — family members, lawyers and others if they, or someone they care about, encounter immigration enforcement authorities. The tool was developed last year and distributed on a small scale and is now available for the public on Google and Apple apps stores.

Let us all pool our resources to develop an app that notifies authorities the minute an illegal alien is spotted. Then we can work on an app that prevents George Soros from ever trying to work his Soft Genocide Solution on the West again.

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