September 13, 2015

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It was another horrible week for black Americans that only proves this is a white supremacist nation where angry throngs of cracker cops and toothless rednecks are constantly stalking, beating, and killing “black bodies” from coast to coast, even on the weekends.

For example, a little 13-year-old black boy named Jamarion Lawhorn of Grand Rapids, MI was found guilty in last year’s playground stabbing murder of nine-year-old Connor Verkerke, who was born (and died) with white privilege.

And in Harrisburg, PA last Sunday night after a fireworks ceremony, a pair of white male teens was set upon and thrashed by a group of black attackers estimated to number around 30 who reportedly shouted racial epithets at the pair while pummeling them.

Billionaire real-estate developer and global fashionplate Donald Trump continues to be the most exciting presidential candidate who ever threatened to divide the country.

Last week reports emerged that a 1927 article in The New York Times claimed that a “Fred Trump” was arrested along with a half-dozen others during a melee in Queens involving a hundred police and a thousand marching Klansmen. The Donald denies that the “Fred Trump” in question was his father. Whether or not it was, this hoary old article is being dusted off in an obvious attempt to discourage Trump’s supporters rather than, you know, delight them.

National Review scribe Jonah Goldberg has written that “no movement that embraces Trump can call itself conservative,” which led to a backlash in the form of the Twitter hashtag #NRORevolt, in which Trump supporters smear Goldberg as “a sellout,” “a tool of the elites,” “a Jew,” and a “chubby human bagel.”

Finally, a ragged coalition of Hispanic pop stars has recorded a soon-to-be-released anti-Trump song called “We’re All Mexican,” even though we all obviously aren’t”€”at least not for the time being.

According to producer Emilio Estefan, the song will be “a musical celebration of Hispanics and our accomplishments,” and who could deny that they’ve accomplished a lot?


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