April 07, 2014

Ivan Lopez

Ivan Lopez

Park Geun Hye, South Korea’s female president, is enduring a slew of spicy and indelicate insults from her enemies north of the 38th Parallel. Last week North Korea’s news agency KNCA likened her to a “€œbabbling peasant”€ with an “€œold, wrinkled face.”€ Last Wednesday North Korea’s official newspaper Rodong Sinmun published a three-part series titled “€œWe accuse the bitch,“€ in which Park is decribed as a lunatic and an idiot. It quotes a Pyongyang doctor as saying:

Park Geun Hye had never married, nor given birth to child. It is really ridiculous that such a cold-blooded animal talked about human affairs, feigning to be concerned about our women and children. It would make even a cat laugh.

The article also quoted a North Korean teacher in training who spat the following invectives at Park:

During her recent trip to some countries, this ugly old maid let loose a strain of abuses at us….She is a pumpkin, a witch full of hatred for her fellow countrymen….

In other news last week from what is perhaps the world’s most entertainingly insane regime, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea threatened to conduct “a new form” of nuclear test, allegedly crashed a drone on a South Korean island, and is rumored to be planning a roundup and execution of 200 supporters of Jang Song Thaek, whom the regime executed late last year.

Septuagenarian Senator Harry Reid has lately taken to openly bashing the Koch Brothers, the libertarian billionaire goyische scapegoats of naïve leftist useful idiots who unquestioningly slurp at the crotch of unmitigated state power. The progtards don”€™t hold nearly the same contempt for billionaire Republican bankrollers such as Sheldon Adelson, but then again Adelson supports big government”€”at least so far as it funds death machines geared to incinerate Iranian territory.

On Wednesday, Charles G. Koch wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal wherein he slammed “€œbig government and collectivism.”€ On Thursday, the doddering Senator Reid responded before a gathered throng of union doofuses:

Most people here are familiar with the Koch brothers. If I’ve helped make them a little more infamous or famous, I’m glad I’ve done that. These two men are a pair of shadowy billionaires spending millions of dollars to rig our political system.

Despite all the hullabaloo and yibber-yabber about how right-wing financiers are buying elections, the website OpenSecrets lists American politics”€™ “€œTop All-Time Donors“€ from 1989-2014, and you have to get to #17 before you find one that leans Republican. A similar list of “€œTop Overall Donors“€ also skews heavily Democratic, with several unions and law firms out-donating Koch Industries, which comes in at a lowly #46. These lists do not tabulate political “€œdark money,”€ which presumably includes contributions from the Kochs as well as preposterously well-heeled progressive money-shovelers such as George Soros, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates.

After spending generations busily insisting that “€œrace”€ was a “€œpseudoscientific”€ fantasy that had been thoroughly “€œdebunked”€ and “€œdiscredited,”€ the world’s blinkered egalitarians are now trying to establish that “€œracism”€ is a scientifically valid concept.

A couple years ago came news that a blood-pressure pill could reduce “€œimplicit negative racial bias,”€ but apparently only for white males, since they were the only ones tested. And this March we were told that video games can make white people more racist.

Last week the postmenopausal magazine Mother Jones published an article with the title “€œThis Machine Can Tell Whether You’re Liberal or Conservative,”€ arguing that there are fundamental differences in the sympathetic nervous systems of those who tilt leftward or rightward. Denying that such a contraption represents “€œfringe science,”€ the article argues that conservatives have a stronger reaction of “€œdisgust”€ toward negative stimuli and possess a more attuned fight-or-flight instinct. This may not constitute quackery after all, since it’s common knowledge that liberals don”€™t realize danger when it’s staring them in the face.

Last week TIME magazine cited a “€œnew study”€”€”which they later corrected because the damn thing was published in 2011“€”which claimed that oxytocin”€”AKA the “€œcuddling chemical”€ or the “€œlove hormone”€”€”also strengthens positive protective feelings toward one’s in-group and distrust of those who are different. If true, this would confirm what so-called bigots have suspected all along: When it comes to protecting your kinfolk, there is very little difference between love and racism.



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