August 23, 2014

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Rioting”€”sorry, protests”€”continued this week in the crappy little St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri. As with the Trayvon Martin case, nearly everyone across the planet seems weighted down with severe confirmation bias regarding exactly what happened between police officer Darren Wilson and his shooting victim Michael Brown on the fateful Saturday afternoon of August 9.

The mainstream American media made almost no mention of the fact that the towering, adipose, heavy-lidded Brown was an aspiring rapper“€”aren’t they all?”€”who had lyrics boasting of being a “real kllla killa” and how he’d reorganize society in a way that would leave “whites on the bottom.”

Ferguson’s police are doing themselves no favors in the PR wars, either. This video clip shows a chubby, gun-wielding law-enforcement official saying, “I’ll fuckin’ kill you” to a group of what sounds like snarky white progressive hipster wannabe revolutionaries. And police officer Dan Page“€”who recently threatened to arrest CNN reporter Don Lemon on camera”€”has been relieved of his duties after a videotape emerged of him speaking before a group of Oath Keepers wherein he refers to “black little perverts” and states, “€œI’m into diversity”€”I kill everybody.”

But perhaps the most delicious pork rib in the whole sorry barbecue came on Monday night, when MSNBC reporter Chris Hayes”€”an alleged male who resembles a much more effeminate version of his station partner Rachel Maddow”€”had rocks thrown at him as he tried reporting on the unrest live in Ferguson. Even after they tried beaning him with rocks, Hayes attempted to reach across Rainbow Bridge and asked the young ne’er-do-wells why they were so angry. One youth barked at Hayes, “they mad ‘cause they know who the real Jews are, baby!” In his squeaky little gelded voice, Hayes said, “Well, you heard that.”

Hayes’s MSNBC show is called All In, a reference to his policy of racial/sexual/gender inclusion, a giant umbrella that tolerates anyone so long as they think exactly as he does. It is wonderful and oddly cheering that his cherished exotic ghetto pets don”€™t view him with quite the same tolerance.


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