January 08, 2017

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Anni-Frid Lyngstad is widely known to the world as “€œthe other chick, the one who wasn”€™t blonde“€ in ABBA, the Swedish disco group who for some reason or other”€”most likely because the blonde chick was unreasonably attractive”€”has sold an estimated 100 to 200 million albums worldwide.

Miss Anni was born in Norway in 1945, the bastard spawn of a Nazi soldier and a Norwegian mother. After World War II when it was open season on Germans in Europe, such kids became known as the Tyskerbarnas, AKA “€œGerman Children.”€ Their mothers were labeled “€œGerman whores”€ and often sent off to toil at Norwegian concentration camps. The children were often carted away to mental hospitals, where they were raped, assaulted, and allegedly “€œused as guinea pigs in drug trials.”€

According to Harriet von Nickel in her autobiography German Child:

As a two-year-old living with foster parents, I was chained up with the dog in the yard….As a six-year-old I was thrown in the river by a man from my village, who said he wanted to see if “€œthe witch will drown or float.”€

Now people such as von Nickel”€”along with the ABBA songbird and an estimated 12,000 other Tyskerbarnas“€”are planning to petition the European Court of Human Rights for compensation.

This case is fascinating for the obvious reason that in the current cultural framework, it is all but verboten to depict Germans”€”especially Nazis”€”as historical victims.

As with 2015’s New Year’s Eve Rape Bonanza by Muslim immigrants in the German city of Cologne, this year’s festivities on the Pale Continent included Islamic-on-Euro rapes in Austria, “€œscenes of horror”€ in Sweden, and “€œmore than 1,000 men [shooting] fireworks at riot police”€ in Germany.

During the current migrant crisis, which started around 2013, an estimated one million or so mostly young, virile, and cell-phone-toting Muslim bucks have entered Europe.

But now Austrian intelligence agents estimated that by 2020, an estimated fifteen million more African migrants may flood Europe.

Happy New Year, everyone.


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