June 26, 2016

One of the surest signs that we’ve progressed into a post-racial society is that nonwhites are freely encouraged”€”and often handsomely compensated”€”to make blanket defamatory statements about white people. There is no better sign that we have finally transcended racism than the fact that our entire racial narrative consists of scapegoating one race for all human suffering.

Writing at the Good Men Project”€”where “good” basically means “gelded””€”a Muslim woman named Shawna Ainsile goes full-on post-racial with a little essay called “If You”€™re a White Man, I”€™m Afraid of You.”

I am afraid of white men because when they do hurt me they don”€™t even know they are doing it….As far back as I can remember, my life has been littered with angry white men who stood in my way….White men still get in my way. I expect them to. And I expect it to hurt….White men are the most violent.

Even though statistics clearly demonstrate that white men are hardly the most violent, it would be racist to note this, so we will refrain from doing so in the name of keeping the peace.

At Madame Noire“€”a French phrase which roughly translates as “Black Bitch””€”the black women who are constantly examining what it means to be a black woman in the context of their womanly blackness”€”they’re discussing whether babies that aren’t genetically 100% full-nitro African Jungle purple-gummed Bantu can truly be classified as “black.”

The flashpoint of this scintillating discussion was a Twitter mini-war between a white woman who posted this

PSA: Dear black men, we only want you for your penis and chance of having black babies ..

…and a bliggety-black female activist who calls herself “Crissle” that posted this

only thing I want white women to know is that your children will never be black. mixed at best.

This is, of course, a clever reclamation and inversion of the old “one-drop rule” that declared a baby wasn’t white if it had one drop of black blood. The tables have turned, and now you aren’t truly black unless you make Wesley Snipes look like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

And at the Daily Californian, a Chinese-American woman named Maggie Lam who has a nose piercing that makes her look like a cow has gifted the world with an article titled “Choosing myself over white people.”

More and more, Maggie, white people are learning to choose themselves over you. Not because of their innate “racism””€”it’s because people such as you keep picking a fight.


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