October 04, 2015

Ethel & Julius Rosenberg

Ethel & Julius Rosenberg

The new micro-grievance community that calls itself “transabled””€”basically, they’re people with fully functional bodies but whose brains insist they won’t feel truly themselves until they become disabled”€”has a new poster girl in the form of one Jewel Shuping, who fulfilled a lifelong desire to be blind back in 2006 when a physician enabler poured drain cleaner on her eyes to give her the blindness that she felt was her birthright.

It took six months for Shuping to completely lose her eyesight”€”she reports that at first, she was enraged to discover that she could still see”€”but now that she can’t see a goshdarned thing, she claims she’s never been happier.

A study published in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology reveals the disturbing fact that when being lectured about how they’re unfairly privileged and only have advantages over other groups because white people are mean and selfish and yucky, white people offer up the limp excuse that they, too, suffer hardships in life and don’t feel especially privileged. The researchers suggest that this can be remedied by applying the proper “privilege reduction efforts.”

Abolish all so-called “social sciences” now, and keep them abolished until further notice.

Because modern leftism has metastasized into a form of psychological cancer whose sufferers cannot be exposed to any contrary opinions without screeching in pain, the movement’s more loudmouthed activists are increasingly nuzzling up to Big Brother’s Censorship Machines in an attempt to forever spare their feelings by eternally silencing those who would dare microaggress upon them.

Feminist activists at the United Nations recently published a document decrying “Cyber Violence” and calling for governments across this Big Blue Marble to force Internet service providers to “€œsupervise their content and its dissemination”€ in order to protect women from ever ever ever ever feeling threatened again.

Former Jeopardy! champ and self-described “social justice stormtrooper” Arthur Chu is agitating for the removal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which treats online comments differently than a website’s content and holds individual websites exempt from any statements a commenter may deign to make. The current situation is that if a commenter libels someone, the commenter”€”but not the website”€”can be held legally liable. But if Section 230 were to be removed, any website could be sued for any comment it hosts, which would be the death knell of free speech on the Internet.

It might entirely kill social media, too, so at least there’d be an upside.


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