September 25, 2016

Don King

Don King

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A large”€”yet also largely unmentioned”€”voting bloc which may swing the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor this November are white women who are pains in the ass.

Such women include the pathologically negrophilic author Joyce Carol Oates, who gained scorn last week for accusing a black female conservative blogger of “white privilege complacency.”

It also includes a certain white female scribe named Jody Allard, who wrote a whole article about how her teenage boys are “part of the problem” because they are “blind to rape culture,” especially when Mom brings up fun topics such as “rape culture” at the dinner table.

It also includes Erin Stewart, who sees fit to scare the daylights out her daughters by prepping them for the imaginary “rape culture” they will never face because it doesn’t exist, because our culture views rape as only a tiny bit less despicable than child molestation.

For the sake of our nation’s mental hygiene, white women who are pains in the ass must be stopped at all costs.

Monday night at 9PM EST at Hofstra University on Long Island, 6’2” Donald Trump will square off against 5’4” Hillary Clinton and her array of physical and mental disabilities. The debate will last 90 minutes with no commercial breaks, meaning that if Clinton soils her scented adult diapers, the telltale stains on her pantsuit may be viewable to the whole world.

At press time, former Bill Clinton mistress Gennifer Flowers has confirmed that she will attend the debate at Donald Trump’s request, possibly sitting in the front row merely to mess with Hillary Clinton’s head.

This is the most important live televised political event of the century thus far. An estimated 100 million people will tune into the festivities. If you aren’t among them, you have no right to call yourself a human being.


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