Of course, black actors are actually overrepresented on major network shows”€”and likely severely overrepresented on commercials”€”but let’s not let facts get in the way of an egregiously self-righteous and hyper-emotional narrative, shall we?

Politics? Unbearably white as well! This includes Bernie Sanders, the American left, protesters, Congress, and America’s donor class.

Regarding the political donor class, Jewish Business News claims that “€œUS Jews Contribute 50% Of All Donations To The Democratic Party And 25% To The Republican Party.”€ How unbearably white of them!

Everywhere you look, you”€™ll see something unbearably white. This includes marijuana legalization, baseball, brunch, milk, librarians, and craft beer.

It all reminds me of a brilliant exchange between Anthony Jeselnik”€”that rare Nordic-looking funnyman”€”and black comic Patrice O”€™Neal at the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen:

Anthony Jeselnik:  Besides, what can you say about Mike Tyson that hasn’t already been a title of a Richard Pryor album?
Patrice O’Neal: Oh shit.
Anthony Jeselnik: He got it. Patrice got it.
Patrice O’Neal: Too many white people [in the audience] to get that.
Anthony Jeselnik: Too many white people? You know what no one ever says? Too few black people.

The iron template these days is to complain that in everything, there are way too many whites and far too few blacks.

You know what’s truly unbearable about white people these days? That they don”€™t find this nonstop defamation unbearable. I”€™d honestly like to see a historical antecedent to what’s currently going on in America, where a majority population is broadly slandered every second of every day, but precious few of them are even bold enough to mention it, much less start slandering back.

What puts lie to this notion that “€œwhiteness”€ is unbearable is the fact that global immigration patterns show nonwhites desperately trying to get into white countries, whereas an inverse phenomenon”€”say, whites moving to Swaziland in droves”€”is virtually nonexistent.

If you can”€™t bear all this whiteness, I suggest you run as far away from white people as your soft brown feet will take you. Failing that, I suggest you show some respect toward your mostly unwilling hosts, because it appears that they are rapidly beginning to find you unbearable.


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