January 02, 2014

Bloomie on the anti-racist hand-wringers: “I don’t know where they went to school, but they certainly didn’t take a math course, or a logic course.”

For sure. As I noted at the time, math and logic be racist. Innumeracy is one of the Seven Pillars of Race Denial. “€œÎ‘ΓΕΩΜΕΤΡΗΤΟΣ ΜΗΔΕΙΣ ΕΙΣΙΤΩ,”€ said the sign over the door of Plato’s Academy: “Let no-one ignorant of geometry enter.” I don’t know about geometry, but some Bloomie-level awareness of basic arithmetic is a prerequisite for wisdom in the race zone, where “average” is an esoteric concept and the fact that whites and blacks consume roughly equal portions of the welfare budget is considered a devastating rebuttal to remarks about black dependency.

Ghettopotamus of the year. Rachel Jeantel waddles off with this one, to be presented at the Taki’s Mag awards ceremony by 2009 winner Gabourey Sidibe. Nominations for the Chicago lady unfortunately arrived too late for consideration.

(Thanks to commenter “CJ Haze” for the descriptor.)

White liberal Afrogasm of the year. The Mandela funeral, of course. The fun thing here was the way the real Africa, in the person of fake sign-language interpreter Thamsanqa Jantjie, broke through the white liberal fantasy, as it always does.

I once had a white English colleague who’d worked in Nigeria. He told me about WAWA, a demon of malign power who frustrates any kind of high-minded enterprise over there. WAWA stands for “West Africa Wins Again.” In William Boyd’s fine novel (and movie), WAWA manifests as the Yoruba chaos-god Shango. Thamsanqa Jantjie is presumably an incarnation of WAWA’s brother deity SAWA.

Iron rod push-back of the year. There were signs that even as the level of anti-racist hysteria increased, so did the number of citizens who are fed up with the whole stupid business. I mean, literally signs: billboards, banners, and lawn signs. I haven’t seen any news stories about anti-anti-racist skywriting yet, but I live in hope.

Wet noodle push-back of the year. John Fund in some magazine whimpering that while indisputably there is nothing”€”nothing!“€”more evil than racism, it might just possibly be the case that Jesse, Oprah, and other Grievance Industry moguls are throwing the tag “white supremacist” around with a smidgen too much abandon, if they please won’t mind his saying so.

If we actually had an honest conversation about race, it would include voices and views that the media now overlook because they don’t fit the storyline.

Uh…honey, where’d you put the screen wipes?

Magic Negro of the year. This position is apparently vacant. With Mandela gone, all the magic should now be concentrated in Barack Obama, yet Obama seems to be a distressed security. True, 16 percent of Americans polled this month named Obama as the man they most admire, but 13 percent of Americans are black, so there’s an arithmetic issue lurking there somewhere (see above). 


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