April 23, 2010

Pretty boy Gossip Girl cast member Chace Crawford had a grand time while stuck in London because of that ghastly volcano. He immediately hit it off with British actress Tessa, whisking her away to Le Caprice and Whiskey Mist. He’s already returned to the Upper East Side, but perhaps a transatlantic love has blossomed?

During spring it seems everyone wants a fresh start. Philanthropist Jamie Tisch, ex-wife of Loews hotel heir Steve Tisch, and their three children will soon be moving into a $22 million apartment at 720 Park Ave. after wooing the co-op board. She got the place for a relative steal”€”Philip and Susan Sassower first listed the fabulous flat for $33 million in November 2008. Patience is a virtue.

Not so virtuous is Naomi Campbell, who stormed out of an interview after being asked if she received a “€œblood diamond”€ from former African dictator Charles Taylor. A bit sensitive are we? Mia Farrow was the one to start all the trouble, saying while they were both guests at Nelson Mandela’s home, the supermodel was given a huge uncut diamond in the middle of the night. When asked about the rock recently, Naomi barked to her interviewer “€œI”€™m not going to speak about that”€ and slammed the camera to the ground. There’s the Naomi we know and loathe.

Earlier this week, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson celebrated her film The Young Victoria with a fete at the New York Public Library. We hear she”€™d like to make a sequel following the British royals, and given its welcome reception, Hollywood may be game as well.

The downward spiral of dear Lindsay Lohan continues, as she’s now been accused of stealing a $35,000 Rolex . This comes a day after her father Michael stormed into her house with the L.A. Sheriffs to check on his other daughter Ali. Lindsay was forced to live-tweet the entire fiasco and shot down claims that she sleeps on a mattress on a floor.

Our tip that Tinsley Mortimer is looking for a more civilized cast for the next season of High Society looks more and more likely. With only one more episode left, word has it that stylist Adrien Field (a self-described “€demi-icon”€) and Renaissance man Gregory Littley are in talks with producers for next year. Paul Johnson Calderon, thankfully, may just be on his way out.

Other goings-on: Amanda Peet became yet another woman to ditch David Letterman. She was all set to be his guest on Tuesday, but went into labor with her second child instead. Mother and baby are doing fine.  Roman Polanski lost another appeal in the decades old case against him. The director will have to return to California before he can be sentenced in his trial. Los Angeles better steel itself for a paparazzi blitz.

Simon Cowell, who has said he’s going to wed fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy in a ridiculous four ceremonies across the world, is only getting better with age. The Sunday Times”€™ rich list says his very big fortune increased by $69 million last year. Fellow X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole also got a bit of a boost”€”she’s now worth over 15 million. The Malibu rehab facility where Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey spent time in August of 2009 is suing her estate. The Renaissance says the young blonde, who died tragically last January, never paid a $74,750 bill. Last reports put her estate at $75,000. And all that talk of reconciling between Tiger Woods and wife Elin might have been just that. New sources are saying the couple is on the outs for good. Elin and the children are off to Sweden for the summer, and a divorce is supposedly “€œ100 percent happening.”€


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