May 21, 2010

Summer is heating up and the bold-faced names have come out to play”€”and fight, and declare their love. Read on for their trials and tribulations. 

High Society is on hiatus for the summer, and Tinsley Mortimer is heading to the Hamptons, of course, this time with new boyfriend in tow. Tinsley and nightlife player Brian Mazza will share a house this summer and probably hit Dune, the club owned by Brian’s company. How quaint. And not a bad plan for the two-month long romance. 

Here’s a fun royal faux pas. The Post‘s Cindy Adams claimed earlier this week that Princess Firyal of Jordan, who won a lawsuit against her late boyfriend’s son to keep the top two floors of the posh Pierre Hotel, wrote a children’s book. Cindy was corrected—from a hospital bed, no less—by Barbara Walters, who rightfully said the best-selling kid’s book was actually written by Queen Rania of Jordan. I suppose we’re not all perfect.

We hear that Johan Eliasch, the London-based Swede, is now dating Pia Getty of the Miller family. An environmentalist and the ex-wife of the heir to the Getty oil fortune? Oh, irony. We like the match, though, and they could both certainly do worse.

Arki Busson may have a sense of humor about himself. The philanthropic hedge-fund manager, who in the past has wooed Elle Macpherson (the couple have two children together), said the way he looks has, at times, been a “handicap” to his business success. But apparently that tall, dark, and handsome thing works in his personal life. It’s back on with Uma Thurman. If you’ll remember, the couple broke off their engagement last December.

Also off-and-on again are Jude Law and Sienna Miller. After they reunited during their Broadway runs in New York, it was only a matter of time before the tempestuous duo had it out in public. They were spotted in an “amazing row” in East London and Sienna stormed out in a “huge tantrum.” Jude made a move on another woman, but after Sienna came back, they somehow reconciled. We’ll say it”€”it’s only a matter of time before one of them moves on for good.

Lindsay Lohan finally made it to Cannes, but the trip abroad hardly seems worth it. Upon coming back to the States, Lindsay was almost arrested for missing a court date but managed to post bail in the nick of time. It’s no laughing matter”€”-she’s now banned from alcohol and will have weekly drug tests. As for why she chose the film festival over her court date? Her passport was stolen. Of course. Lindsay, some advice: if you’re going to ditch something important, make sure the paparazzi aren’t there to capture your every move.

Courtney Love just can’t stop talking. After claiming she had an affair with Gwen Stefani’s husband Gavin, the singer now says she also slept with Kate Moss. It was “fun and whatever” back in Milan in the ‘90s. We’re surprised she can even remember that long ago. But Kate Moss has other problems. Thieves broke into the supermodel’s home this week, nabbing three paintings, one by Banksy worth nearly $115,000. Even worse, Kate and rock star boyfriend Jamie Hince were asleep while the burglars rifled around her home.

Two of the big winners this week: Fergie and her daughter Princess Beatrice, who attended a fundraising ball. Princess Beatrice looked stunning in a purple gown and got the best of critics who poked fun at her weight two years ago. She’s been training for the London marathon and it shows. Liz Hurley and Rachel Hunter also made appearances at the ball.

And speaking of Liz, there was another winner in the papers this week: her long-ago ex Teddy Fortsmann got a lovely mention from a glowing Padma Lakshmi at an event this week. Padma told the crowd, “I am lucky to have someone who unwaveringly gave me love and manly support”€”and is also the person that I love. So thank you, Teddy.” Months ago, Padma confirmed that her three-month-old daughter’s father is actually venture capitalist Adam Dell, but it looks like Teddy’s sticking it out with the Top Chef host for the long haul.




Photos: Patrick McMullan



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