March 13, 2013

But Britain, unlike small the economies of Greece and Portugal, could easily go at it without Brussels. If I had ten dollars for every time I”€™ve heard responsible people say that the eurozone is doomed, I could buy a new yacht. And some of those have been members of Parliament and even ministers. Yet nothing is happening. More of the same is the order of the day, and that spells doom in the long run. As my friend Charles Moore wrote in The Telegraph:

The biggest error of European history has been the idea that some new order “€“ a Holy Roman Empire, a Napoleonic system, a Reich, a United States of Europe “€“ can dissolve the dangerous rivalries of Europeans.

Hear, hear!

I”€™ve said it before and will say it to my dying day: A Greek is as different from a Swede in culture and mindset as it is possible to be. A Texan has more in common with a Connecticut Yankee than a German has with his French neighbor. And when it comes to the Brits, furgetaboutit. Yet this one-size-fits-all alchemy is being cooked by the tinpot crooks in Brussels, who vote themselves extraordinary salaries while imposing their blindness on the rest of us. But because it doesn”€™t work does not mean it won”€™t happen. Unlike Americans, Europeans follow the leader. The same old bunch of politicians has been in power since the war: high-tax-and-you-relax-at-the-beach alchemists, with a sheep-like electorate voting them in as if they were in a trance. My hope is that the Brits will say no one day, but my money is on the crooks in Brussels. There is no Maggie Thatcher to save England.



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