November 08, 2007

I am writing this blog for two reasons, first, to second the webmaster’s exhortation to our readers to shower Ron Paul with additional campaign funding (I am now doing my part); and second, to express my utter contempt for the website GOPUSA for its comments against Dr. Paul’s “€œavid supporters.”€ Whom do these Republican hacks think they”€™re kidding when they complain about the unseemly exuberance of Paul-supporters—who dare to assert themselves online? Given the shameful fact that the national press and our look-alike institutionalized parties are studiously ignoring Dr. Paul’s candidacy, a point the left-liberal website Salon observed yesterday, his enthusiasts are going ballistic with high tech. They are using that medium not only to raise staggering amounts of money for their candidate but also to push him into national prominence. I”€™m sure this is unnerving for GOPUSA, which obviously favors the Republican frontrunners and others who are good on “€œIslamofascism.”€ But until someone like Joe Lieberman, Bill Bennett, or Hillary gets to impose “€œhate speech”€ controls on the internet, it’s our ace in the hole. If the swarm of party-line Republicans on GOPUSA doesn”€™t care for what Ron Paul’s supporters are saying, or the frequency with which they do it on the internet, it’s their tough luck. Their real grip is the persistent use of alternative media is benefiting Taft Republicans as well as
One final point: My very bright groupie Evan McLaren is correct that in the remarks I made in August as a speaker at the Robert Taft Club about whom I”€™d vote for in a race between Rudy and Hillary (yes, it’s Hillary, who is the more honest “€œevil one”€), I was not considering Dr. Paul as an alternative. Dr. Paul, whom I am privileged to consider a personal friend, enjoys my full endorsement in the presidential sweepstakes”€”and in any other political race he cares to enter. He is a wonderful embarrassment to our two odious national parties. And if he decides to withdraw in favor of his charming, intelligent, and principled wife of many years, I shall give her the same support, despite my stated sexism.


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