June 07, 2014

Salute to Israel Parade

Salute to Israel Parade

Russian society lives according to fundamental principles that are different from those of Western societies, such as not teaching young children about homosexuality but teaching them about the importance of the Russian Orthodox Church. Russians uphold taboos we abolished years ago, but that does not make Vladimir Putin an ogre or a danger. Crimea was his and he took it back. If he wanted Ukraine he’d have a pretty good argument, but he does not. Let the Brussels crooks subsidize the Ukrainians, which means they will promise a hell of a lot and give only hell and austerity. But if Thomas L. Friedman says Vladimir blinked, he must know something I don’t. Thomas L. says that Vlad underestimated Ukrainian patriotism. How was that again, Thomas L.? The bloody country is split down the middle and he bangs on about patriotism. I am sure if he dropped the L. he might begin to think clearer.

But if you think Mr L. writes with a forked pen, what about this clown Barrosso? The head of the European Commission, whatever that means, proclaimed the day after the Brussels outrage against a synagogue, where three people were shot dead, that the far right parties were responsible. See what I meant before about people saying anything that suits them, and to hell with the truth? It is the parties like UKIP, National Front in France, and the Freedom party in Austria who want to limit immigration, especially Muslim immigration, and Barrosso turns the case on its head as if Christians were running around Brussels shooting down Jews. We all know who shot them—Brussels has more Muslims than New York and Los Angeles combined—but try and say that to the buffoon. No wonder even the Europeans have had enough. The EU is the greatest danger since Uncle Joe, but a far bigger one in my opinion. He never got past Hungary. They are ruling us.


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