January 12, 2017

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Trump is the opposite of a bigot. He is Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack, a loud, obnoxious blowhard who wants to party with anyone and everyone, right now. In fact, that’s what the old-money bigots hate about him. His country clubs refuse to cater to the elitism that defines most clubs. If you”€™re black or Jewish or a weird immigrant grocer but you”€™ve got the money to join, come on in.

Trump’s exposure to blacks has been the employed family men he worked with on job sites and the educated elites he’s worked with in business. He’s never lived near the ghetto. If anything, his life experience with blacks is abnormally positive. In other words, he likes them more than reality does.

As for Jews, all his adult kids are having sex with a Jew right now. His businesses are crammed to the ceiling with Chosen Ones. How can Jews not get this? I think their obsession with Nazis has been going on for so long, they”€™ve brainwashed themselves into being petrified of anyone who seems Aryan and alpha, even when the guy is on their side.

Do I need to include gays in this list? Sorry, LGBTQ, Trump doesn”€™t have a stance on you. He doesn”€™t care about you. Actually, we”€™re all pretty bored of you, to be honest. We”€™re not homophobes, we”€™re homoboreds.

My reaction to most of these myths is “€œI wish.”€ Trump never said one thing about deporting Muslims. He didn”€™t even suggest a database of Muslims living in America. That was a reporter’s idea.

All Trump said was he”€™d like to have a “€œshutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”€ This was during a time of unprecedented attacks on America, France, Britain, and Canada. Almost without fail, when we learn about these Muslim terrorists, we discover they spent time in a Muslim country being further radicalized and trained to better attack us. Would have been nice if we caught them on the way in or the way back in.

Of course, this idea”€”and it was an idea, not a dictum”€”gets morphed into an America where Muslims are randomly picked up off the street and thrown in a van. Indian millionaires like Aziz Ansari can moan that Trump makes him scared for his family and The New York Times bawls their eyes out.

Ex-president Vicente Fox keeps telling us he’s “€œnot going to pay for that fucking wall,”€ like anyone asked him. Dude, you haven”€™t been president for over a decade, shut up. Nobody asked you or Enrique what you think of our plan.

We spend $58 billion more on Mexican goods than they spend on us. If a restaurant were making that much money off of you, you could ask for a seat by the window. You could also ask for a wall. Add to that the estimated $100 billion illegals cost us and coming down hard on immigration becomes very profitable. That’s more than enough for the $8″€“10 billion the wall will cost. Barack wasted that on Obamacare alone.

There are problems with Trump. I”€™m not nuts about him hiring his son-in-law and I don”€™t get why he’s making fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings. However, the left is too lazy to dig up anything valid so they stick to drama-club myths that make great headlines. This might have been effective if we hadn”€™t all figured out that the mainstream media is #FakeNews. Lie all you want about the president-elect, we”€™re no longer listening.


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