December 02, 2017

Charlie Rose and Amanda Burden

Charlie Rose and Amanda Burden

Source: Bigstock

Be that as it may, I know I’m a bit of a dinosaur nowadays. Trump’s economy is not only chugging along, it’s going blazes, and no one can tell for how long. What makes one loathe the left in general is the hypocrisy involved. Every bicoastal cultural wannabe thinks anybody who voted for The Donald is a yahoo who sleeps with his sister and wants to reintroduce slavery. The fact that slavery exists in Africa today doesn’t seem to bother the wannabes. Worse, it doesn’t seem to bother African-Americans, who complain nonstop, refuse to stand for the national anthem, and take Muslim names. Half the pros in American sports are called Jamal or Mohammed. The fact that Arabs enslaved them and then shipped them and sold them does not count. Nor does it matter that talking about blacks enslaving other blacks as I write this is in itself considered racist. As the drunk said to the sheriff when he woke up in a cell, something’s very wrong here.

Otherwise everything is hunky-dory. Felonious assault should lead to complete ruination, as someone told me when I was about to get into a fight. But so does a pinch in the bottom, I answered. Everyone laughed and that was it. If more people laughed when some fool took off his pants and desecrated a plant, maybe less people would do it. What I’d like to know is, how does a woman get raped by Harvey, as Paz de la Huerta claims she was, and then go back for another rape two weeks later? I’ll tell you how: an obsession with publicity. How does an Italian lady get raped and then stick with the rapist for another five years? Finally, a Supreme Court judge who shall remain anonymous told me while up at West Point that most of these cases will never reach a court of law. There’s trial by the media and then there’s the real thing. Enjoy it while you can, sweetie pies.


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