November 06, 2017

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On Twitter, someone who hides behind a fake name—don’t 99% of you, though?—linked to a screenshot of Richard Spencer getting sucker-elbowed along with the caption FROM EACH ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITY…TO EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEED.

Care to take a shot at me in person, ye brave anonymous fash-basher?

Also on Twitter, someone whose handle is “HANDSOME AND HEALTHY” but who is dumb enough to post a photo revealing that he is neither—gloated thusly:

LOL Jim Goad stays talking sketchy shit. Then gets beat up. Then cries about getting beat up. He was def the touch me and Ill sue kid.

I will at least congratulate him for the bravery and fortitude it must have taken him to overcome his enormous and life-threatening fat rolls in order to type that.

A woman who looks like this had the temerity to post this:

You had it fucking coming.

Really? And you know this…how? Rhetorical question—you obviously don’t know anything.

A skinny white dweeb who apparently doesn’t realize how inauthentic it is for him to pose as a DJ of “soul” music asks:

What kind of baby gets a bloody nose, blames PC culture for it, posts it on social media, then announces a break from same? Safe space much?

Any time you feel intrepid enough to emerge from your Soul Den to have a one-on-one chat where I answer your question, Mark, lemme know.

Were you aware that there are modern “Satanists” who actually swallow all the holier-than-thou tenets of Cultural Marxism? When Anton Lavey established the Church of Satan back in the 1960s, it was a fierce reaction to hippie culture—it was equal parts Nietzsche, Ayn Rand, and Ragnar Redbeard. But now there’s a group calling themselves “The Satanic Temple” which rejects everything that made Satanism interesting—or at least rebellious—and prattles on about feminism, LGBT rights, and how white supremacy is, like, totally sinful. One of their members calls himself Ash Astaroth without realizing how cringeworthy that moniker is. He wrote:

Is this seriously Jim Goad of Answer Me crying about getting punched?

No, it’s seriously Jim Goad proving that you’re a dumb, cowardly herd animal.

I never gloat about people being physically attacked for their opinions. That requires a nauseating mix of cowardice and sadism. But I take sublime pleasure in exposing you brainwashed tools as the bitches you are.

Anyone mentioned in this article who wants to go one-on-one with me on my podcast about this, the offer is open. But you won’t. Because you’d lose in spectacular fashion.

I will sleep better tonight than I have in years.


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