Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

Also a nice change? Trudeau’s wife wasn”€™t with him, because otherwise she might have insisted on “€œsinging”€ a not-so-little ditty she”€™d composed especially for this solemn occasion and you think I”€™m kidding, right?

Instead, the PM was accompanied by an elderly former inmate:

The hardest part for him, he told Trudeau, was looking at the display of hair shaved from the heads of victims, which is sealed behind a glass wall.

I”€™ll bet that was the hardest part for Justin, too. Back at the hotel later, he probably tearfully treated his beloved mop to an extra dollop of conditioner.

Of course, Trudeau scribbled the usual “€œnever again”€ guff in the Auschwitz guest book, along with some bonus (ironically fascistic) hair-raisers such as “€œTolerance is never sufficient: humanity must learn to love our differences.”€


As one Canadian Jewish blogger observed, Justin will now use this trip to scaremonger about the “€œrise of the far right,”€ and to justify the imposition of even more “€œSyrian”€ “€œrefugees”€ upon unprepared and unwilling communities (far away from 24 Sussex, natch).

These Muslims are already intimidating and sexually harassing Canadian students and teachers in our schools; how long until they demand (as have their European brethren) that the Holocaust be stripped from the curriculum?

I doubt he’s read it (or many other books), but why should that stop me? Can someone please inform Justin Trudeau that Thomas Sowell’s classic, subtitled “€œSelf-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy,”€ wasn”€™t supposed to be an instruction manual?


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