March 20, 2012

Tom Cruise in Magnolia

Tom Cruise in Magnolia

Similarly, someone named Alcuin is castigated for this opinion:

Rape is now a political crime, not a crime of sex or violence. A man doesn”€™t have to rape in order to be a rapist. A man is a rapist until he somehow proves himself innocent.

This is what “€œprogressives”€ have told us we”€™re supposed to think for the last thirty years.

The SPLC directs a particularly powerful stream of smug, oleaginous loathing upon a site called MarkyMark’s Thoughts:

Run by a New Jersey Tea Partier with a financially underwater house and a chronic medical condition, Marky Mark’s blog is filled with edifying thoughts like “€˜Even Nice Girls are Sluts.”€™ His blog is not without pathos, however; to say the least, his is not a happy existence.

I guess I”€™m too dumb to appreciate the brave, hard work the SPLC is doing on my behalf. I”€™m just a stupid conservative woman who probably “€œvotes against her own self-interest”€ and “€œneeds her consciousness raised.”€

Not that most males in the manosphere would find me appealing or sympathetic. Part of my fascination with these fellows”€”I read many of these sites regularly”€”stems from the fact that I”€™ve never been “€œhit on”€ or so much as whistled at on the street, so I have a spectator’s curiosity in these complex mating rituals. Some of their tales of conquest sound exaggerated, but their foundational principles about seduction are based on what we used to call human nature. With a few tweaks for tone and obscenity, their cruel, crude, yet commonsensical observations about sexual call-and-response are identical to what you”€™ll hear each week on Dennis Prager’s “€œMale-Female Hour.”€

I also read these sites because many in the manosphere, particularly Human Stupidity and Roissy’s Chateau Heartiste, discuss more than sex. Race and class also come up for candid, heated discussion. This is ultimately why the SPLC’s Investigative Report so amused me. In 1971, the Southern Poverty Law Center appointed itself the nation’s Klanfinder General. It receives untold millions to investigate and expose “€œracist”€ “€œhate groups.”€ Yet somehow this report almost entirely neglects top-of-the-fold discussions of black IQ and illegal immigration that take place daily in the manosphere alongside the cataloguing of caddishness.

Right before the SPLC released their investigative report on the misogynist manosphere, the real-life Frank T. J. Mackey announced to the world that he was hanging up his dick.

Tucker Max, the 36-year-old author of the million-selling I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, told Forbes he’s gone into PUA retirement. He’s discovered Freud, the paleo diet, and”€”God help us”€”yoga and is now looking for a wife.

A nice girl, mind you. Not one of those crazy sluts.



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