April 18, 2010

Stormy weather over Harbor Island. Apparently Arki Busson and Uma Thurman were on holiday there with their kids. Rumor has it the duo were fighting like rival drug-dealers. Is anyone surprised? She’s an actress with a reputation for destroying men, he’s got a short attention span. They”€™re only engaged, so the worst part about breaking up, besides the break-up, is that these two will have to admit it publicly. Bless them both, at least they have their looks.

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has dropped pretty boy Doug Reinhardt again after dating for over a year. Depending on who you ask, Paris was either too jealous of his relationships with other women, or found out he was shopping around a reality show about her life. Either way, aim higher, Paris. Even you can do better.

Larry King is wading back into the singles pool once again after his eighth divorce to wife and mother of two of his children, Shawn Southwick. The suspenders-wearing chap has been accused of cheating with his younger wife’s even younger sister. I hear the old boy didn”€™t get a prenup, so his $144 million fortune may soon be cut in half.

Guy Ritchie was spotted having dinner with Sting’s wife, Trudie Styler, Natalie Imbruglia, and Jemima Khan. The dinner came after reports he wined and dined an attractive blonde last weekend. We suppose it’s only fair since ex-wife Madonna shows off boy toy Jesus Luz all over the Western hemisphere. The $60 million he got off her must also keep him warm at night.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s girlfriend, Dasha Zhukova, looked stunning on the red carpet Thursday night a mere four months after giving birth to their baby Aaron. The Russian heiress had a much-needed night out on the town in London at the opening of the Grace Kelly exhibit at the Victoria & Albert museum. What’s her secret? Also on the royal guest list observing Kelly’s haute couture: Prince Albert II of Monaco, Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and the always-glamorous Joan Collins.

My word, Tinsley Mortimer’s new show High Society is an embarrassing misnomer.  There is nothing civilized about the program or its characters. That Paul Johnson Calderon they have on the show is the most undistinguished poof I have ever come across. Even Tinsley’s German prince is a black sheep member of an otherwise noble family. He sullied his reputation the first time by fathering a child with a social climbing woman twice his age named Corinna. Casimir and Corinna broke up right after she got his title. Corinna is flying high these days as the mistress of the King of Spain. Tinsley is desperately looking for more likeable “friends” to appear on the second season of her show. I doubt she’ll find anyone from polite society.

Melania Trump is jumping into the family business, and will unveil a shockingly affordable jewelry and watch line on QVC later this month. Interesting move for the couple, but she says she wants to reach a wide audience”€”and Donald, of course, approves. Thursday night, young Ivanka was glowing at the American Museum of Natural History Dance in Manhattan.

Jesse James”€™ favorite tattooed home-wrecker has one message for Sandra Bullock: she’s not a home-wrecker. “€œI don”€™t believe I destroyed her marriage,”€ said Michelle “€œBombshell”€ McGee before simpering, “€œIt’s hard to be the most hated person in America”€ and that she took the West Coast Choppers brute’s word that he and Sandra were separated.

In other society news, apparently New York darling and realtor extraordinaire, Serena Boardman, is pregnant. No word yet on whether the father is John Theodoracopulos, her boyfriend of late, or Todd Meister, her “€œfriend with benefits.”€ We only hope the rumors are true, whoever the father is. She’s a classic.


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