May 18, 2017

Source: BIgstock

As for everyone else involved in this ridiculous charge from half a decade ago, we have nothing but shame. Within the infuriating charge of “€œreduced in rank, less than honorable discharge”€ we have Staff Sgt. Joseph W. Chamblin, Staff Sgt. Edward W. Deptola, Sgt. Derek Mages, and Cpl. Matthew Bostrom. Sgt. Jacob R. Pope got only a letter of reprimand for urinating on these bastards, but that’s likely because he lost his legs soon after. This is what it takes to be forgiven for not respecting people who are trying to blow your legs off.

Around the same time these snipers got in trouble, an entire platoon snapped and went rogue. They were so disgusted by their reception at home, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Apparently, seeing their captain have his legs blown off was too much to bear. Upon going AWOL they would shoot any Muslim man they saw engaging in sexual relations with boys. They ambushed suspected terrorist locations and killed everyone, even if they were napping (the “€œsanctity of napping“€ is apparently a big deal to these guys). They kept body parts the same way the Taliban kept theirs. This military coup is seen as a shameful mutiny, but when I hear the details I think the headline should be “€œAmerican Military Becomes Wildly Efficient for a Brief Moment.”€

How about we stop throwing our proudest boys to the wolves and then clutching our pearls when they act like animals? These men are doing an incredible job, and literally dying of shame for urinating on murderers is unacceptable. As the left says, “€œThis is not who we are and this is not okay.”€


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