November 02, 2015

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If you look at history, it’s clear that government has always been a tool for suppressing malcontents. The Jacobins took the guillotine to Catholics during the French Revolution. Colonial puritans tried and condemned erratic-behaving women. Socrates ate the hemlock for refusing to recognize the gods of Athens.

No matter what society you have, be it homogeneous, theocratic, dictatorship, pluralist, or democratic, the state will always be a means to enforce popular will on a recalcitrant minority. As the old saw goes, culture is upstream from politics. Half a century ago, conservative values still held sway over social norms. Now the left’s ethos of self-serving anomie is the reigning gospel.

So what will become of the small minority who still cling to atavistic views?

As Yogi Berra quipped, “€œIt’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”€ But here it goes anyway.

Conservatives can survive this storm if they hunker down and wait it out. The cult of liberalism is based on a rickety foundation, and liberals don”€™t have the lasting fortitude to sustain their own belief system. The left’s death grip on America will eventually loosen, either by economic catastrophe or birthrate diminution. Only then will sanity return.


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