June 14, 2013

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Former interns came forward to decry Weiner’s antics, which rang very hollow. No one with any sense sends their pretty daughter to Washington, DC as an aide. No attractive young lady who doesn”€™t want to be harassed by politicians comes to Capitol Hill. That may be a shameful thing to say about our country, but it’s true. If you don”€™t want to be shot, don”€™t drive a Porsche through a ghetto. Still, from this we see how you should prepare yourself for everyone who ever courted general danger to come forward and blame you personally for their misfortunes if by that association they can make a buck.

Most damning of all, Weiner allegedly chose to pick on underage girls. If his type was decidedly pre-pubescent there are post-18-year-olds who look that way. Weiner could have reviewed Internet profiles all day until he found some girl that tickled his trigger and was also of legal age.

And now Weiner has returned. Not content to be a temporary laughingstock, he wants to be a permanent joke. His wife, hedging her bets on Hillary 2016, is sticking with him for now, though I wouldn”€™t place odds should Weiner lose. Lesson: If you have enough power you might get away with it.

Weiner doesn”€™t discount more idiotic photos of his stick-frame flexing existing on the Internet. He hints about other women, though he won”€™t say who or how many or when they had their birthdays. While seeming to believe this defuses future photo-bombs, it only keeps his infamy alive. Obviously if he were a serious politician (or decent man), he would have already bought back those pictures.

So mostly what we learn from Weiner is not what to avoid doing per se, but how to avoid doing it poorly. My own advice about infidelity is to decline such invitations because they almost always are revealed. If you choose to engage in indiscretions, at least be respectful to your significant other. Don”€™t do it in your own home. Don”€™t embarrass your family publicly (or nationally). Don”€™t be the sort whose miserliness compels discovery. And don”€™t lie about it when you”€™re caught.

Oh, and if you are exposed, don”€™t ever run for mayor of New York City. That’s simply pathetic.



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