May 25, 2015

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Earl Ofari Hutchinson“€”he’s black, in case the “Ofari” didn’t tip you off”€”wrote that media coverage of the event unveils “a grotesque truth about American hypocrisy” that has “reared its ugly head again.” Sally Kohn of CNN wailed that “When white people commit violent acts, they are treated as aberrations, slips described with adjectives that show they are unusual and in no way representative of the broader racial group to which they belong.” Throwing all facts to the wind, a black male writer for Salon who calls himself Mensah Demary claims that the event featured 100 bikers shooting at one another”€”according to all accounts it was only a handful at best”€”and that white bikers are afforded a “privilege of individuality” that is denied to black thugs.

Are any of these accusations remotely related to reality in any known universe? Of course not! Why would you even ask such a silly question?

Let’s look at the thing that scares leftist race-baiters the most: numbers. The word “white” is often statistically muddied by Hispanics who identify as white, but a conservative estimate is that whites outnumber blacks in America by a quotient of five to one. Yet blacks account for around 31% of American gang membership, while whites comprise a mere 13%. Considering that blacks are outnumbered by five to one, a black male is thus twelve times more likely than a white male to be a gang member. (Demographically, the rulers of the roost are Hispanic Americans, who comprise around half of all American gang members.)

The combined estimated American membership of the Bandidos and their chief rivals, the Hells Angels, is less than two thousand. According to the FBI’s 2013 National Gang Report, street gangs outnumber biker gangs by a factor of around 35-1. In Chicago alone, the Latin Kings street gang numbers around 25,000. The combined gang membership of Chicago and Los Angeles is around a quarter million. There are thought to be over one million gang members currently in America. So, numerically at least, a couple thousand bikers aren’t much of a problem.

When the gunpowder had settled outside the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, there were nine corpses. But in 2012 alone, there were an estimated 2,363 gang homicides nationwide. The raging majority of these had nothing to do with white people, whether as killers or victims. Compared to overall gang deaths yearly, the bloodbath in Waco was indeed an aberration rather than business as usual.

But you wouldn’t know that from listening to the media. They insist you ignore the numbers and see what happened in Waco as part of a much larger problem”€”one that’s conveniently impossible to solve because it doesn’t even exist.


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