Modern Weapons

When Do Brownies Become Brownshirts?

February 16, 2015


What would dear old departed Lord Baden Powell think of all this? What would the crisply disciplined English Brownies of the 1950s marching in clean formation to impress Princess Margaret make of it all?

As products of their times, they”€™d likely think these neo-commie Brownies are supremely “€œradical.”€ But is that the case anymore? Nowadays, this endless frothy cult-like wide-eyed blabbering about “€œsocial justice”€ is no challenge to the mainstream”€”it is the mainstream. And such a mainstream can persist another thousand years peddling the idea of “€œsocial justice.”€ Such an elusive goal is entirely indefinable and thus ultimately unachievable, which ensures job security for those who earn their keep by chasing after “€œjustice.”€ Rather than being radical, these poor little female Mexi-Californian tools are the diminutive foot soldiers of the powers that be.

If they were hawking this bargain-basement tripe in Germany during the 1930s, then yes, they”€™d be intensely radical, just as any sort of Hitler Youth-type organization would be radical as hell in modern America or Europe. But groups such as Radical Brownies, and every modern brain cell that tilts even slightly to the left of center, is still working from an outdated script which insists that Hitler Youth and the KKK still represent society’s mainstream rather than its outcasts.

What’s “€œradical”€ is forever in flux, and it changes depending on intergenerational power shifts. What these girls are being forced to swallow and regurgitate is the same old stale pile of vomit we”€™ve heard for generations now. In this, they are radically non-radical.

What’s worse, they are not being taught how to think”€”they”€™re being told what to think. At best, I see that as a form of brainwashing. At worst, it can be a form of child abuse. Then again, I”€™m neither radical nor brown, so who am I to judge?

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