After being jilted last summer by a white girl he’s named recently in tweets as Francesca Rossi, Thompson allegedly kept his harassment mostly confined to her and various associates he perceived as traitors and enemies. He didn”€™t “€œup his game”€ and start threatening Jewish centers until January.

In a rambling screenshot he posted on Twitter, he accused his ex of trying to frame him for the bomb threats:

Two years ago, after swearing off white women, I started dating one….She seemed like a cool Brooklyn white radical. There were warning signs though; she didn”€™t tell me she had herpes until AFTER we hooked up; she called me a thug, in an approving way…she called herself captain save-a-thug”€”a reference to the type of black men she dated.

We broke up after someone showed me the light, and since then she’s stalked and harassed me….She, though I can”€™t prove it, even sent a bomb threat in my name to a Jewish center, which was odd given her anti-Semitic statements….I got a visit from the FBI. So now I”€™m battling the racist FBI and this vile, evil, racist white woman….I”€™m afraid…we know what happens when white women use the law to go after black men.”€™

It’s a unique approach, I”€™ll give him that”€”try to frame your ex by sending a bomb threat in your own name, but claim that she did it. It’s a brilliant plan that might have worked if FBI agents weren”€™t able to trace the threats to Thompson’s IP address.

While these bomb threats were being made, Thompson continued blaming his ex for trying to frame him, referring to her as “€œsome awful white woman”€ and “€œa white nasty white woman”€”€”that’s right, he said “€œwhite”€ twice!

Writer Doyle Murphy for the St. Louis Riverfront Times says Thompson once called him “€œa white piece of shit who lies and distorts to fit a narrative.”€ This is rich coming from someone who claimed over the past couple years to be dying not only from multiple gunshot wounds but from testicular cancer”€”neither of which turned out to be true. Murphy then goes on to chronicle several of Thompson’s lies, including little dumb ones about how his “€œhomemade kimchi”€ he posted online was actually a stock photo and how his “€œtattoo”€ of Malcolm X from an alleged trip to Cuba was merely swiped from another online photo. He also documents how Thompson allegedly created a Twitter account to smear Murphy as a rapist after failing to get him fired from his job.

When I hear of a disgraced black communist trying to frame his white liberal ex-girlfriend for anti-Semitic bomb threats, am I the only one who thinks “€œOscar contender”€? If Hollywood doesn”€™t immediately make this into a blockbuster, it’s only because they”€™re prejudiced against young black reporters who hate Donald Trump, white women, and Jews. In case Juan Thompson didn”€™t get the memo, you”€™re only allowed to hate Trump.


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