August 28, 2017

Source: Wikimedia Commons

After the Charlottesville debacle, former Vice President Joe Biden said that Donald Trump has “emboldened white supremacists” by drawing a false moral equivalency “between neo-Nazis and Klansmen and those who would oppose their venom and hate.”

Huh. All I got from what Trump said was a factually irrefutable statement that there was violence on both sides. Saying that one side dripped with venom while the other side was merely there innocently and nonviolently opposing venom-drippers is either dishonest or dumb.

A Twitter account called “Yes, You’re Racist”—which is devoted to calling people “racist” and destroying their lives as a result—showed a picture of a man rallying with right-wingers in Charlottesville while wearing a shirt with an Arkansas Engineering emblem. The digital torch mob wound up targeting and harassing Kyle Quinn, who works at the University of Arkansas. It turns out that they were wrong—Quinn was not the man in the picture—but being wrong hardly seems to matter to fanatics.

When Bernie Sanders told a Latina woman that she should focus not only on her race, but on fighting Wall Street and corporate America, he was accused of “defending white supremacy.”

Perhaps the most egregious example of this new White Scare happened in Boston the weekend before last. A “Boston Free Speech Rally” that attracted a few dozen attendees who bent over backwards and grabbed their ankles trying to distance themselves from “racism” and “white supremacy” were met with a crowd of 40,000 fanatics screaming about “Nazis.” A Boston Globe reporter recalls the tragic question a counter-protester asked him:

Excuse me, where are the white supremacists?

They’re all in your propaganda-addled brain, you fool. And they’re hiding under your bed as you sleep.


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