February 23, 2016

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My grandmother told me that during the Great Depression, the homeless”€”then called “€œhobos”€”€”really were down on their luck, through no fault of their own. But is even that true? Notice how many of those quaint old “€œhobo signs”€ equate to “€œlying about how bad off you are”€ or just “€œtrying to get away with shit”€? (I particularly like “€œ2 Women here. Tell a good story.”€)

I guess that’s why I”€™ve written about the homeless so much, even when I was “€œEd Anger.”€ (Yes, I was Ed Anger.) And why when I do, I get so pissed off”€”and attract such attention.

I”€™ve been a professional writer for 30 years, yet only my musings on homelessness (and “€œpoverty”€ in general, also mostly fake…) have ever been deemed worthy of (frankly insipid) condemnation by Salon beta-male faggot Alex Koppelman and hormonal fury-appliance Wonkette“€”and even ended up in a social studies textbook.

So Justin Keller, I feel ya, son.

The tech start-up founder’s in trouble for complaining about all the filthy criminal “€œriff raff“€ (his words) cluttering up”€”you”€™ll never guess!”€”San Francisco.

He did all the right things and now has to share the sidewalks (he pays for) with belligerent lunatic jerks who didn”€™t. And if this supposedly intransigent problem with transients is always somehow “€œmagically”€ eradicated every time there’s a Super Bowl or papal visit in town, why can”€™t such solutions be permanent?

Agreed, squared.


Who keeps electing the city council liberals who”€™ve been (briefly) legalizing public defecation and passing other “€œprogressive”€ pro-homeless measures in Frisco since the 1980s?

My gut tells me that if I looked at his voter registration, there”€™d be a “€œD”€ right next to “€œKeller, Justin.”€ And not “€œD”€ for “€œdeceased,”€ either, although now that I”€™ve written about him, that’s out of my hands.


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