October 24, 2016

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Not to be outdone in the realm of ethnomasochistic virtue-signaling, a white Afrikaner writes that “€œWhiteness is like herpes“€:

I have whiteness. I didn”€™t know what it was and didn”€™t know what damage it did. But I do know now. I understand and acknowledge all the harm that I and others like me did, even without realising it. I am sorry for the way that things were and are. I accept whiteness exists in me, and am willing to talk about it, and listen as to how it affects others, so that those effects may be reduced and one day eradicated.

Um, I have whiteness, too. But I realize that unlike herpes, we wouldn”€™t even have a modern world without whiteness.

The creeps who started the whole notion of “€œwhiteness”€ as a pathology are the usual motley crew of self-hating whites and white-hating nonwhites. Some trace it back to black writers such as W. E. B. Du Bois (“€œThe discovery of a personal whiteness among the world’s peoples is a very modern thing”€) and James Baldwin (“€œAs long as you think you are white, there’s no hope for you.”€)

But “€œWhiteness Studies”€ metastasized as a pseudo-academic vocation with the help of the aggressively self-loathing Theodore W. Allen (author of The Invention of the White Race) and genocidal anti-white insect Noel Ignatiev, who helms a group known as Race Traitor whose goal is to “€œabolish the white race.”€

And such loathsome, idiotic, masochistic mental cases are what pass for academics these days.

Since whiteness is only accepted as a synonym for “€œevil,”€ the academic discipline known as “€œwhiteness studies”€ is a nonstop onslaught against all things white. As neocon grumpy-puss David Horowitz once told a reporter:

Black studies celebrates blackness, Chicano studies celebrates Chicanos, women’s studies celebrates women and white studies attacks white people as evil.

As I”€™ve said many times but will keep saying until it seeps into everyone’s impossibly thick skulls, the most powerful political weapon is guilt. It can disable entire populations without a single shot being fired. Apparently those who are constantly injecting the collective white unconscious with guilt serum are deathly afraid of what white people could accomplish if they were to toss their “€œinvisible knapsacks”€ of imaginary guilt into the nearest river.

Modern white people are in thrall to a massive collective guilt complex the likes of which the world may have never known. I”€™d be fascinated to see historical precedents of entire populations being brainwashed into self-hatred merely for being more successful and technologically advanced than other groups. Whichever team wins the World Series this year, I doubt they”€™ll chalk it up to “€œunearned privilege.”€

Psst”€”white people: There is no shame in being white. There is only shame in ever thinking there was.


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