May 03, 2011

1964 Ford Galaxie

1964 Ford Galaxie

GAVIN McINNES: Matt, take the guts from a new Jag and put it in an old Jag. How much more gas do those hard edges cost you a year?

MATT WEINBERG: You”€™re asking how much more expensive it is to have that old body if you used the new engine and technology? Hard to say, but the difference would be negligible. Let’s say seven dollars more on the old shape.

So we turned all our cars into hideous cartoons for seven dollars.

No. What are you talking about?

Women! They ruined the car with their irrational love of aerodynamics.

Women only buy about 30% of the cars in America. If companies were marketing them toward women they”€™d be pink with some kind of checkerboard interior or something. This country is still very much about man’s love affair with the car.

Men don”€™t like these new designs.

Who do you think’s buying them, then? Men are. You”€™re glorifying cars you”€™ve never even driven. You wouldn”€™t last ten minutes in one of these old cars.

Yes I would.

No you wouldn”€™t. I had a 1954 Corvette convertible and I was all excited to drive it up to my place in The Hamptons a couple of years ago. I got in it, turned on the engine, and got out a block later. I said, “€œFuck this”€ and sold it the next day.


It was rattling down the road. Turning was almost impossible. I reeked of gas after I got out. It was loud. You have to understand”€”all these aerodynamics you”€™re against do more than just save a bit of gas. They make the car quieter. Cars simply weren”€™t airtight back then and you were always having some hole blow wind in your face. The new shape also makes cars perform a lot better. They”€™re faster and they react quicker, which makes them safer.

I disagree.

Well, this isn”€™t a matter of opinion. I”€™m telling you hard facts. It’s ironic you”€™re criticizing women for making decisions based on emotion when you”€™re doing the exact same thing. You”€™re completely wrong about all of this.

I have to go.

All right, bye.



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