February 18, 2011

This authority in numbers shows up on sites such as Intrade, where people get together to bet on everything from when Israel will bomb Iran to who will be elected to the Senate. In the 2004 presidential elections, users predicted every state’s outcome but Alaska’s. The same alarming accuracy manifests itself over at Hollywood Stock Exchange, where users predicted 32 out of 39 Oscar nominees in 2007. It used to happen over at TradeSports, too, until they were shut down.

Government isn”€™t fond of group betting sites because they don”€™t think we”€™re smart enough to pick the winner. Betting is dangerous because we might spend all our tax dollars on someone else, and Big Brother frowns upon getting together without his permission. Big Brother would be correct in Russia’s case. Running for office there under the slogan, “€œI will get the Jews out”€ would result in a sweeping victory. Russia pushed the Jews into the black market for centuries. Banished from the official economy, they created their own. When communism collapsed, the black market was the only market left. Within no time, six of the seven oligarchs controlling 50% of the economy were Jewish. Russia’s answer to this inevitability was, “€œGet “€™em outta here.”€

This juvenile worldview is especially apparent in Egypt. When protesters first started throwing sticks and stones, Western liberals rubbed their hands together hoping the 60s were back. Then they saw the Star of David spray-painted on Mubarak’s face. Then they tried to digest the overwhelming irony of women in headscarves screaming for freedom. Then Americans started getting raped. Now only a bunch of irrelevant tools are denying the Egyptian revolution is anything more than, “€œGet “€™em outta here.”€

Let’s play matchmaker and send all our control-freak politicians to places where people actually need to be controlled. Eastern Europe and the Middle East are not evolved enough to have democracy. Let them roam free and we”€™ll have car races where death-row inmates are forced to kill each other trying to reach the finish line. Westerners haven”€™t fed anyone to the lions for 1,500 years. Leave us to our own devices, and we”€™ll match the work of scientific scholars”€”for free.

For lesser evolved nations, anarchy means chaos. For us, it means cooperation. Free from official restraint, anarchy is a collaborative party where we pin the tail on the truth.



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